Try These Kids Crafts!

The simplest kids crafts involves scissors, construction paper, crayons and a bit of glue.

Most kid crafts are themed to a holiday or special event.

You can also buy crafts kits for kids that teach them the rudimentary basics of such skills as sewing, rug hooking, wood-working, embroidery, weaving quilting and much much more. However, the easiest kid crafts are those that can be done at home.

Halloween is a favorite holiday that really gets the creative juices of children going when it comes to kids crafts.

Favorite kids crafts include decorating squashes and pumpkins with markers to create scary faces and the construction of bats, ghosts and other spooky creatures out of construction paper and fabric.

At Christmas it is a fun to create your own Christmas tree decorations. If the children are above the age of twelve you can buy Styrofoam balls, pins and colored beads and have the children stick these beaded pins into the Styrofoam ball until it is covered. You can also roll glass or aluminum balls in glitter after creating Christmas themed shapes in glue on the side of the ornament.

crafts kits kids Traditional Christmas kids crafts also include decorating the Christmas stocking with glitter and construction paper. Older children can be taught to embroider or use iron on transfers to personalize Christmas stockings.

A great Easter bunny kids craft is to buy several headbands and then have your children create bunny ears out of stiff cardboard.

Let them color the bunny ears and then staple the floppy bunny ears to the headbands. You can also decorate hard-boiled eggs to resemble chicks, lambs and cartoon characters using markers, construction paper and cotton balls. This is one of the more entertaining Easter crafts, especially if you pass the same egg around to several children who have markers or paints and ask each to add a detail to the egg creature.

There are several kinds of Mother's day and Valentine's day crafts for kids, but one of the most pleasing and educational projects involves coloring the petals of a flower with food dye. All you do is...

  • Ttake a flower (a white flower produces the most dramatic results), and cut off the end of the stems and immerse the bottom of the stem in a jar of food coloring.
  • Over the course of day, the flowers will soak up the food coloring and tint the petals the color of the food dye.

Homemade bookmarks and cards, colored with silver and gold markers, make great Mother's day and Valentine's day crafts. Photographs of the kids, pasted on the front of the homemade card personalize this homemade and heartfelt gift.

kids crafts You can also purchase kids craft kits at retail stores or on the Internet. These kits include everything that younger minds and tinier fingers need to create felt projects, embroidery, tapestries, baskets, knitted creations, woven fabric, wood projects and dangling mobiles. A good source of kids crafts is www.

The Internet is also a great source of ideas for crafts for kids. Typing in the keywords kids crafts or kids crafts kits for kids is sure to reveal instructions for hundreds of sewing, clay and artistic projects that are geared to inspire and educate their young minds.

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