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Button crafts never seem to go out of style. It's a great way to save those gorgeous antique buttons that you can't find a way to get rid of.

It is also a great way to treasure a special button that may have been handed down from a grandmother.

Antique button crafts were all the rage a few years ago, especially with regards to jewelry. Antique and one of a kind buttons were seen adorning everything from shoes to jewelry to hairpieces.

It is quite easy to make your own jewelry. A very old and elegant looking button looks great sewn onto a plain velvet choker. Buttons can also be hot glued onto earring clips to make earrings or strung on wire to make a necklace. They can also be hot glued onto just about everything from shoes to fridge magnets.

Martha Stewart's website - has some great directions for button crafts for the woman armed with both a glue gun and a collection of unique buttons.

button crafts Button crafts can also help enhance the decor of a home. Tiebacks for drapes look great when enhanced with buttons and also serve the functional purpose of keeping the drapes conveniently buttoned back.

If you have a hot glue gun you can also use buttons to decorate a lampshade. Button lampshades look best when covered completely (so that there is no white showing on the shade) with an assortment of different buttons.

Colorful buttons create a more casual look. Mother of pearl or gold buttons eate a more elegant look.

You can also glue buttons on boxes of any kinds as well as use them to decorate a picture frame.

The right style of button can also compliment the subject of a photo. For instance uniform and old brass buttons make a good enhanced frame for a naval or military photograph.

You can also create fridge magnets by hot gluing a button to a plain fridge magnet. Blank fridge magnets can be purchased at a local craft store or Wal-Mart.

You can even make a simple and easy butterfly fridge magnet using two sets of identical buttons!

Button crafts can also be used to create decorations.

An easy button arts and crafts ideas is a napkin ring.
Simply sew buttons on a piece of decorative lace that is then sewed together to create a loop that holds the button.

Covering an old vase or jar with buttons can also give the object a new look and a second life.

Another interesting project is creating a mosaic out of buttons. This mosaic can stand on its own as an interesting piece of art or be treated as a mural that adorns a sewing room. Buttons mixed with pieces of mirror and broken crockery and pressed into a plaster wall make an attractive garden wall or even back splash for a kitchen sink.

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