Tips On How To Crochet

You'll find that learning how to crochet is easy nowadays, especially with the advent

of animated and video tutorials on the Internet. Also crochet is not as complicated as knitting as all you need to learn how to crochet is a crochet hook and a continuous strand of yarn.

Learning how-to crochet is so easy that half the time, you don't even need a pattern to create a simple project such as a tubed hat or a throw for the couch.

Crocheting is an extremely versatile art and is useful for making a variety of fashion and home decor accessories including tea cozies, table cloths, throws, ponchos, sweaters, hats and scarves.

With very little crochet instruction you can pick up the knack of combining basic crochet stitches and lighter weight or softer yarns to create wearable works of art. A softer yarn produces a softer, more pliant fabric and a thicker yarn produces a woollier sturdy fabric.

crochet instructions Crocheting in rows creates a flat piece of fabric and joining your stitches creates a round or circular work. Beautiful textured and raised stitches are especially easy to make in crochet as basically all you are doing is creating a series of linked knots using a small metal or plastic tool (the crochet hook!)

If you want to learn how to crochet a simple pattern, all you need is simple crochet instructions, yarn, a size G crochet hook, and a yarn needle with a big eye and small scissors. Just having these basics will allow you to make a scarf, hat pillow bag or any number of projects.

One of the most recognizable crochet patterns is the Granny Square motif. These colorful crocheted squares or circles are joined together to create afghans and vests. Granny ponchos are particularly popular with the younger set right now as the look is very retro seventies.

At you will find concise and complete crochet instructions for beginners that are accompanied by attractive and very detailed diagrams.

how to crochet

This comprehensive site also provides similar instructions for learning how to knit as well as plenty of information about how to crochet, crochet accessories, and different types of yarns.

A more exotic crochet stitch is accomplished with a special hook, known as an afghan hook. Afghan hooks come in various sizes, as do regular crochet hooks, but they are longer. Metal afghan hooks have a knob at the end. Large afghan hooks can be made of wood or plastic.

To learn how to crochet the Afghan stitch visit which contains a lot of information about the history of the stitch, free patterns and well-illustrated step-by-step crochet instructions.

If you want to learn how to crochet using beads, is an excellent site that boasts animated instructions. Bead crocheting is also very popular with the younger set and involves a little more skill and imagination than just crocheting from a regular pattern.

Bead Crochet is also a good site to find bead crochet patterns that are simple for the beginner to do.

There is no shortage of free patterns for those just learning how to crochet on the Internet. Another source of free crochet instructions can be found in books from your local library. Easy, how to crochet instructions including illustrations and abbreviations in English, Spanish and French can be found at

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