Welding Crafts and Projects

These six welding crafts and welding projects are for adults only. And adults experience in the craft of welding.

Many people who are trained welders whether professional or hobbyist are always looking for new and innovative craft ideas. Whether these welding projects are for business or pleasure remains the choice of the welder but either way interesting weld ideas can help a welder hone their skills while also giving them the pride of creating something new.

So you have been welding a while and wish to generate a portfolio of welding ideas but you are finding it hard to add more ideas to your welding projects book, well look no further than the below new weld craft ideas.

Welding Crafts: Art

They say art is in the eye of the beholder so you pretty much have free reign to create something new and interesting. One way to generate some thought provoking welding crafts in the form of art is to visit your local metal scrap merchant and pick up some old metal objects of varying shapes and sizes and weld them together to create something eye catching.

Welding Sculptures:

With any welding project you have there is always many offcuts of metal that go to waste, well why not recycle these scrap pieces of metal and make an interesting sculpture. You could make a sculpture of your favorite pet, an animal you admire or even a person. When it comes to creating sculptures the opportunities are endless.

Horseshoe Ideas

Used horseshoes are seen as lucky in the western world, well if they are kept the right way up, so why not get involved and enjoy some of a horseshoes luck by creating some horseshoe craft projects. One of the favorites is a horseshoe dream-catcher. Simply find an old horseshoe and weld wire below then weld interesting metal shapes to the wire, the possibilities are endless.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are wonderful welding crafts. Anyone who enjoys gardening or has an open space outside their property loves wind chimes, they are so melodic and offer a great and musical way of listening to the wind as it blows by. Given this wonderful use of wind chimes why not create your own wind chime by welding sheet metal, wire and tubing.

Welding Arts and Crafts Summary

The idea possibilities of welding projects and crafts is endless, if you can think outside the box then you can create something new and inspiring. Whether your new to welding or a seasoned professional you can always add more arts and craft ideas to your welding projects folder.

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