Pirate Crafts For Kids!

Pirate crafts and pirate themed parties are always a hit. Kids love dressing up like pirates and accessorizing. They can really get into character and learn a great deal in the process. If you want to get kids to learn and have fun let them get creative with easy craft ideas. They do not require a lot of supplies or complex steps. You can always modify some of the crafts so that they are suitable for the age of the kids. Learn great pirate craft ideas that you and the kids can do together.

pirate crafts

Pirate Themed Crafts For Younger Children

  • If you are making pirate crafts with younger kids then making sailor hats & spyglass telescopes can be a lot of fun for them because they are simple and easy.
  • Assist the kids with cutting and folding because it can be difficult for them. If they insist on doing it themselves then make sure they use safety scissors.
  • You can let them glue and color. Let them decorate the hats and telescopes as they like so that they can be creative.
  • If you are dealing with kids that do not need that much help them think of pirate crafts ideas that gives them more independence. Some great activity ideas are to sketch and color pirate pictures.

Pirate Themed Crafts for Older Children

  • Older kids do not need that much guidance through the entire process and would prefer to do things on their own.
  • If you are doing these activities with elementary school kids then remember to keep the activity simple but not entirely beginner's level.
  • A great pirate themed craft is something that has multiple steps involving cutting, taping, or gluing. Also get various different kinds of things to decorate. These include milk-carton pirate ships; this will let them use all the things that they learned in school while getting really creative.
  • If you want to use the same activities as with younger children then you can make them a bit more complex. For example you can let these kids make collapsible telescopes.

Overall Pirate Themed Crafts Tips

Making crafts doesn't have to be limited to just making something. Kids enjoy games that they can play or activities to engage in using their newly created crafts. Turn your craft making into an activity for them. Help them make a treasure map or even a game. Some games that kids enjoy are "Pin the Parrot on the Pirate" and "Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate". The kids can go on an adventure using their treasure map around school; they will have a great time putting all the pieces together to get their treasure.

Give good directions on these pirate crafts and let them explore on their own. Kids will love this activity and it will get them into thinking critically.

Get more ideas from books or online to add to the fun.

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