Easy Stamping Ideas

Looking for stamping ideas? Stamping is

an old technique of making stamps using inks and stamp pads. Early stamp pads were made up of gelatin. But today there are different kinds of inks and stamp pads available in the market e.g. felt stamp pad, which has thick felt base covered with fabric. Dye based Pads, which dries quickly and Pigment Stamp pads, which use ink particles and particularly useful in hot and humid weather conditions. Stamping ideas can be used for making some pretty good decorative materials using the paper we normally throw away as waste paper.

Following are some of the techniques for these great stamping ideas. First make your own stamp by cutting shapes out of craft fun foam. Heat craft fun foam and stamp an image into it. Use paper of a mail envelop or paper boxes such as boxed dinner, cereal etc. they have a good layering paper. You can layer them on cards. Stamp on them, cut them out and use as card embellishments. Stamp buttons on them! Use the cardboard for making templates.

Different cards can be made using these single stamping ideas:
· Stamp image on a card and color it. Mask card and stamp image.
· Cut Square of cardstock.
· Mask off a frame around the outer edges of this square.
· Stamp image into a background on inside of square.
· Layer on card front with square corners up and down, side and side.
· Stamp image on cardstock scrap. Color and cut.
· Layer in center of square cardstock.

Multi colored stamping cards
Choose 2-3 colors ink. Stamp image background using different colors. Choose one color layering paper to match. Layer stamped image over top of colored layering paper.

The following materials can be used for creative stamping ideas:. Wallpaper samples, cheap baubles from a fabric store like lace, ribbon, buttons, etc. Make up some background paper using your computer. Even if your printer is only a black and white printer, you can make up some nice designs using colored papers.

Stamping Instructions and Tips
· Plan a layout for the stamped design on paper.
· Pour a small amount of paint onto the plastic plate. Dip a flat edge of a wedge sponge; tap the excess paint back onto the plastic plate.

· Stamp from left to right, starting at the top and working down, to avoid smearing wet paint.
· Clean the rubber stamp periodically with a damp paper towel to eliminate paint buildup on the stamp.
· After stamping the design, allow the paint to dry. Apply varnish to protect.
· Use a cotton swab moistened with water to remove excess paint from the stamp.
· If you are not happy with a stamped image, use a damp paper towel to wipe off the image, and then re-stamp the image. If the paint has already dried, paint over the design with the base-coat color.

Dress up your home and office with these stamping ideas. Simple purchased stamps, applied in a regular pattern to magazine holders, picture frames, and storage boxes, create an eye-catching design that shows the simplicity of the technique.

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