Ideas For Butterfly Crafts

Butterfly crafts include templates of the wing patterns and more. Many popular types of butterflies you can color online with a painting program or print out and paint or color yourself.

Butterfly crafts have been a part of Japanese culture for thousands of years, especially when it comes to the fine art of Origami. Origami is the ancient art of folding paper to create birds, butterflies and other animals. There is a template for creating your very own simple origami butterfly at, which is run by the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Butterflies and the word 'decoupage' are practically synonymous when it comes to creating butterfly crafts.

Perhaps the most popular butterfly craft is the votive jar that is decorated with decoupage cut outs of butterflies made from images found in a magazine. For an even more transparent effect, so that the light of the candle shines through the butterflies wings, the images can be Xeroxed or printed out on colored or clear paper before they are decoupaged onto the side of the candle jar.

Different colored tissue paper that is repeatedly layered onto the side of the candle votive jar into the shape of a butterfly also make wonderful butterfly candle projects. You can buy decoupage at any craft store. It is normally found in the section of the store where glue is sold. It allows you to permanently affix a picture to another object, giving the object an overall glossy effect.

You can decoupage just about anything to make butterfly crafts including fridge magnets, vases, boxes, picture frames, tables and just about any flat surface.

You can also use shells and buttons to create butterfly craft fridge magnets. Plain fridge magnets are available in many craft stores and also Wal-Mart. All you need is some glue, two equal sized sea shells, a pair of wiggly eyes and two pipe cleaners to create a colorful and unique butterfly craft.

butterfly feeder crafts You can also use four buttons to create a butterfly with a segmented body in the same way. Butterfly-crafts are especially fun for kids who enjoy creating unique designs to create the patterns on the butterfly wings. The simplest butterflies can be drawn and hung from a mobile.

A nice gift for mother's day is to buy a small tree or woody plant and affix homemade butterflies to the branches.

One of the simplest crafts for a child is the butterfly that is made of four paper plates. The plates are colored in by the kids and then attached to a stiff cardboard or construction paper body.

Wax paper can also be cut into butterfly shapes, colored in and taped to a window to create a "stained glass window" effect.

The simplest crafts are of the construction paper and glue variety and are ideal as creative projects for children. The butterfly is such a popular motif in jewelry, quilts and clothing, that adults who are handy with needle and thread or knitting needles are sure to find patterns for butterfly crafts on the Internet that are designed to suit more sophisticated tastes.

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