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There are web sites that supply templates for popular images that symbolize spring such as baby chicks, birds and flowers that you can color online with a painting program or print out and paint or color yourself. These types of images can also be decoupaged onto objects such as candleholders or boxes to create unique, yet useful crafts this spring such as Kleenex boxes and votive lights.

One of the most popular of spring crafts is the homemade hummingbird feeder. Here are a few simple ideas for making your own homemade feeder spring crafts.

The Frisbee feeder is simply a red Frisbee that is turned upside down so that the birds can use the curved edge of the Frisbee as a perch. You can drill holes in the Frisbee and hang it with brightly colored yarn from a tree and/or decorate the rim with dangling red ribbons, glitter and flowers. You can also sit this kind of feeder down on a table. If you decide to use this kind of feeder remember to empty it every day and replace it with fresh homemade nectar.

To make milk carton feeder punch a hole about the size of a matchstick into the side of a very clean, used milk carton. Make sure the hole is near the bottom of the feeder. Cover the carton with images of red or pink flowers cut out of a magazine. Tape long dangling red ribbons to the bottom of the feeder and hang it in a tree.

To make a plastic bottle feeder you can recycle a small plastic bottle that holds 8-oz or less. You can use old medicine bottles or bottles that used to contain vanilla or almond essence. Make sure these bottles are very clean first. Tie a long red ribbon or red pipe cleaner around the nape of the bottle, fill it with homemade nectar and hang it from a tree. These are two of the easiest spring crafts that you can make to celebrate the migration of birds arriving from the South.

Spring crafts for kids usually involve creating a project that has to do with flowers. A very easy project that is suitable for kids of all ages is the Spring Wreath that is made from a circle of hand prints that have been created as a result of dipping the palm in paints. You can also trace handprints on construction paper, cut them out and then arrange the handprints in a way that looks like flower petals.

Children can also make a garden filled with giant paper plate flowers. All you need is some paper plates and some construction paper to create the petals. Once the head of the flower is completed, you can paste it on top of a dowl stick and stick it in your garden.

The simplest of spring crafts involve scissors, construction paper, crayons and glue are ideal as creative projects for children. Adults who are interested in more sophisticated spring crafts and who happen to be experts at beading, quilting, knitting or sewing is sure to find scores of spring themed patterns for spring crafts simply by surfing the Internet. For classy and attractive looking projects try visiting

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