How Did Paper Doll Crafts Begin

Paper Doll Crafts: a study

Dolls are the best friends for all young

girls through out the world and through centuries, doll making has always been explored with creativity. Take for instance the paper doll crafts, which though it might sound bizarre was first created almost 300 hundred years back in France. They were then known as "pantins".

More interestingly it was then created for adults as life-sized mannequins dressed as ballerinas. And from then onwards paper dolls have been considered widely as an art form, a creativity, which has touched millions of hearts.

Paper Dolls: back to the past

It is important to look at the history of paper doll crafts before its innovativeness can be fully appreciated. Like the French dolls during the rule of Louis-XVI, the Germans too had created dancing dolls known better as hampelmanns, while in England they were referred to as the jumping jacks.

However these dancing dolls came to the English culture almost a century after it was invented in France, during the rule of King George-III.

They were also considerably reduced in size in comparison to the French dolls. In fact an advertisement of such a doll was marketed by the Journal de Moden where the doll was made to have curly locks and with dresses which could be easily removed from its body.

Gradually the paper doll became a raging culture and miniature dolls of English kings, queens, princes and princesses were being commercialized. And today we have paper dolls of any famous or infamous character whether fictitious, dead or alive available in the market!

Some Interesting Facts about Paper Dolls

What we see of the modern dolls with their entire family, furniture and houses goes way back in the 18th century when in London, Paper doll craft company tried their original skills in their art.

Though these dolls are rare they form the basis for the dolls that are found today. In fact gradually English and French companies tried to provide illustrations to children's storybooks in the form of paper dolls.

And so we had the first paper doll creation of Tom Thumb and Fanny Grey!

How to Craft Paper Dolls

Paper dolls can be even tried at home if markers, card stocks, scissors and glues are present.

  • In the card you have to initially draw an outline of the figure you are trying to emulate.

  • Then cut pieces of cloths and paste to the cardboard to provide the clothing of the doll.

  • Now finally with a marker highlight the features of the face. In this way you can try out various innovative ideas to create paper dolls.

  • Taking a cardboard piece you can bring about the impression of either Cassie the dog or Scruffy the dog. In fact these paper doll crafts can also be considered as wonderful gift items for young ones with a Thank you or a birthday message tagged to the doll (as the occasion demands).

Using a whole lot of bright colors, crayons pastels and paints the thing will reach a new height of creativity!

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