A Study In Dress Up Paper Dolls

Dress up paper dolls: an "all new" world of imagination...

Childhood is that phase of life where

there are lots of fun and imaginations. For a girl child, a doll, particularly a dress up paper doll, is the key to the world of fun and imaginations.

Little paper dolls come packed with a large number of clothes and it can really provide hours and hours of fun, to mix and match the clothes and to dress them up. A female figure can be decked up as a princess, angel, warrior, fairy or adventurer. A male figure on the other hand, can be dressed up as a knight, an angel and so on.

Dress up paper dolls: the diversity

Magnetic paper dolls: They come in a set of two extra thick movable magnetic dolls, which are much sturdier than the regular paper dolls. There are at least ten magnetic outfits, which are pre-cut and there are no tabs to fold or rip. Apart from the clothes there are accessories, a beautifully illustrated 12 by 9 inches scene board and heavy duty re usable storage pouch.

Wooden dress up dolls: Two adorable wooden dolls, 10-11 inches tall, come in a sturdy wooden case with compartments. These dolls are advanced models of traditional paper dolls, made with the aid of updated graphics, magnets and woods. They own a wardrobe of thirty five fashionable outfits and numerous accessories.

Felt girl dolls with clothes: These are ¼ inch thick felt figures of females, which include clothing. There are choices, with names like Jessica (Caucasian blonde), Katie (Caucasian brunette/redhead), Rosa (Hispanic), Camille (black) and Jenny (Asian). This set includes fifteen felt costumes and sashes. Varied cultures of Germany, Japan, Mexico, India and more, can be experienced from the international costumes of the girl dolls. A clear vinyl duffel bag is packed with this set to serve the purpose of carrying.

Why dress up paper dolls score over ordinary dolls?

"Dress up paper dolls" are much sturdy than ordinary paper dolls and hence possibility to get worn out or broken is less. As a result a child can play much casually with these dolls, without the fear of damaging the favorite toy.

These dolls are equipped with large number of clothes and accessories and so a girl can dress it up in various possible ways, using her own imagination. This helps to enhance the imagination power of a child.

Get the dress up paper dolls for your child now and let her enjoy a journey into the world of fun and imagination.

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