Simple Milk Jug Crafts

Tips And Ideas For Milk Jug Crafts…

Did you know that the plastic milk bottles, which you throw away, could make you a breathtaking "The Big Mouth Easter Bunny Basket"?

  • Get a clean milk gallon and then draw a big orifice on the side of the milk jug opposite the handle.
  • Cut out the mouth and paste white cotton balls individually on the jug. Cover up the slashed rim of the mouth.
  • Draw out the facial features on a construction paper. When the cotton balls are dried, put the ears, nose (with colored cotton balls) and other features as you wish the bunny to be.
  • Add a bow on the head if you want a girl bunny.
  • The last step is to make it chew grass!

Fun with Milk Jug crafts

If it's Halloween time how about a Milk Jug Jack-o-Lantern?

  • First sketch out a face you want on the milk jug.
  • Cut out the ears, eyes etc.
  • Paint the body of the jug with thick layers. Then smear the features with a black marker.
  • Finally you can pop in a flashlight for a lantern that would be safe for children.

Plastic Milk Jug Whale Craft is a simple craft to make...

  • Mark out the shape of the mouth at the bottom of the milk jug.
  • Poke in a hole so that a scissor can be inserted.
  • The hacked mouthpiece is used as the fin of the whale.
  • Following this you must slash two slits in the screw top so that you will be capable to slot in the fin.
  • After carving out a shape on the cut mouthpiece, cut along the sketch and then add the fin into the two slits you made on the milk jug and fasten it in place.
  • With a black maker give shape to the whale.

Milk Jug Crafts can scare you too!

Your blood might go cold, if you suddenly discover a glowing skeleton hanging around.

  • To make "Mr. Bones", gather 8 or 9 clean, plastic gallon jugs, string, scissors, craft knife, glue gun and one-hole punch.
  • For the head, get a jug with a pair of circular grooves opposite the handle and twist it upside down.
  • Make the face, akin to a skeleton and also slit into two holes through the skull for hanging.
  • Slice a perpendicular incision down the center of a right-side-up jug (straight opposite the handle). This is the chest for the carcass and then cut out the ribcage.
  • Glue both parts together and make the rest of the body parts separately. Paste them one after another.
  • For the hip, slash all the way around a jug, about 4-1/2 inches up from the base. Seize the foot piece and trim away a small smile outline from each side to make a four-cornered profile.
  • Punch holes in two conflicting corners. Cut eight parts resembling the bones of the arms and legs.
  • Tie them through a string drawn through the holes made in the ends of the bones. Get ready to thrill!

What else milk jug crafts can you make?

Milk Jug Mask and Bank Craft, Easter Basket Duck Craft and Milk Cap Games are some more ideas to kindle your imagination.

So plan and begin your journey to the world of milk jug crafts.

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