Make A Money Tree Craft From Any Of These 3 Craft Ideas...

To make a money tree craft is a gift that will astound your gift recipient!

It's a more creative way to give money as a gift? Learn how to make a craft money tree, it is easy and makes a fantastic gift. You can also use this craft idea as a creative way to increase money for charity.

A simple money tree craft:


  • Start by using florist's foam, as the base, and place it inside a flowerpot. Get a sturdy branch that has a few twigs on it, and secure it to the foam.
  • Now cover the foam with gravel or marbles.
  • You can leave the branches as they are or spray paint them silver and gold.
  • Fold the bills of your money tree craft in an accordion style. Take a ribbon and tie it around the middle of each bill. Spread the fold out so that it looks like a bow. Tie these two the branches.
  • If your plant pot is plain then decorate it according to the occasion. You can use paint pens or stickers.
  • To give your tree a finishing touch tie a ribbon around the rim of the pot.
  • Other great touches that you can add are ornaments. For example, if you are making this tree for a baby shower add great baby gifts such as rattles.

Make A Live Craft Money Tree - if you want to make a gift that will continue to live then consider using a live tree.

Here's how to make this craft money tree...

  • Use can use any small live plant. Consider potted pine trees or bonsai trees, which you can get at any nursery.
  • Include the care instruction that come with the tree by attaching it along with your greeting card.
  • Make a hold through the corner of the card and run a ribbon through it. Tie it to the tree.
  • Tie the bills on your money tree craft in an accordion-fold, or you can even try origami.
  • Take decorative pipe cleaners and loop them around the bills. Hang them on the branches of the tree loosely.

Holiday Craft Money Trees- you can use this craft idea to raise money for a good cause.

Instructions On How To Make A Holiday Money Tree Craft

  • To make this money tree craft, get an artificial Christmas tree, any size you ant depending on the scale of your fund raising. Use holiday lights and decorations if you want.
  • Fold each bill so that they are 6-inch by ΒΌ inch strips. Do this by folding each bill lengthwise twice. Make ten folds by using accordion folds.
  • Now make a star shape from the bill by bending the folds out. Tie the ends together with a ribbon and make a bow.
  • Use a metallic pipe cleaner to tie the stars to the tree. Use holiday colors for a more festive look.
  • If folding each bill is difficult you can also place them in clear ornament balls.

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