A Review Of Martha Stewart Crafts...

The biggest source of Martha Stewart crafts is of course, her flagship magazine

Martha Stewart Living (by the way, although some people spell her name, Martha Stuart, the correct spelling is Martha Stewart). Every issue has a section devoted to unique crafts depending on the season. For instance, Martha Stewart's snowmen and igloos created out of white miniature marshmallows were a big hit during the Christmas season a few years ago.

Here's an Overview of Martha Stewart Crafts

Perhaps the most famous of Martha Stewart crafts is her gum drop wreath which is created using sugar coated multi-colored gum drops that can be purchased in any confectionery or supermarket. The gumdrops are affixed with glue or pins to a circular or heart shaped Styrofoam armature that can be purchased at any craft supply store or a Wal-Mart. Wreathes made out of red gum drops are ideal for Valentine's Day. Orange and black gumdrops can be used to create a Halloween wreath and green and red gumdrops can be used to create a Christmas wreath.

Words to the wise don't fix these wreaths to your front door unless you enjoy being ambushed by birds and other wildlife. Gumdrop wreathes are best suited for indoor use, either placed on a mantelpiece or used a centerpiece that surrounds a glowing candle.

Many Martha Stewart crafts are created from natural objects. One of her favorite natural accessories is the acorn. She often gathers acorns in the fall for Thanksgiving projects. One of her more gorgeous projects is the acorn mirror which features multiple rows of acorns glued to the frame of a round mirror.

Another Martha Stewart craft made from acorns is her Acorn Napkin ring which involves drilling two small holes into the caps of two acorn caps and attaching the two acorns into a 16 inch wire. The wire is then wrapped with brown or green floral tape to resemble a tree branch and the wire coiled so that it is the appropriate shape to hold a napkin.

Martha Stewart is also famous for her button crafts. In the Martha Stewart crafts section of her site at Martha Stewart Crafts. you will find dozens of suggestions as to how to recycle favorite old buttons. One suggestion is to hot glue them to the back of fridge magnets.

One of the simplest of Martha Stewart crafts that is sure to entertain the kids

is her bubble wand that is created out of wire hangers. With a few twists of wire, you can make fantastic bubble wands and spend long, lazy days practicing your technique. According to Martha the best bubble solution is 10 cups water to 4 cups dishwashing liquid, plus 1 cup Karo corn syrup. To create large wands, you'll need plastic-coated wire coat hangers. Hold the hook at the top of the hanger, and pull the bottom down so that it forms a circle. Bend the wire into a lollipop shape. These bubble blowers make large long bubbles that will entertain the kids for hours.

Martha Stewart crafts are the favorites of millions of hobbyists worldwide. To view a comprehensive list of this domestic goddess's crafts go to www.marthastewart.com.

There you will find patterns and instructions for hundreds of Martha Stewart crafts including artifact boxes, decoupaged boxes, flowers made out of yarn snippings, votive candles made of egg shells, hanging doorstops, jelly jar candles and much, much more.

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