Creative CD Crafts!

Creating cd crafts is a great way to get rid of all of those shiny free disks

you get in the mail.

CD-craft projects are also a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle those tunes and programs that you know you will never lay your eyes on again.

Perhaps the most incredible cd crafts project I have ever come across is a sleeveless knee length cocktail shift, created entirely from CD's and small gold jewelry hooks. Talk about a great way to create a futuristic outfit for Halloween. CD disks look really attractive in any project that has a dangling element to it.

Some of the kinds of cd crafts that you can make include Christmas decorations and dangling door hangers. All you need to do to personalize a cd is cut an image out of a newspaper (or find one on the Internet that suits your theme or purposes) and glue it or decoupage it over the original record label. For instance if you were making a Christmas decoration, you would use an image such as a snowflake, snowman or Christmas tree.

You can use hearts for Valentine's days and pumpkins for dangling Halloween cd crafts. These types of cd projects can be dangled from a front door to celebrate the season.

Another way to conceal the label is to simply glue two used cds together so that the labels of both face inwards.

Some individuals hang these cd projects (called "flashers") in trees to discourage birds and squirrels from plundering a garden.

Cd-crafts are easily turned into objects that can hang or "dangle" by attaching a looped ten-inch piece of ribbon to the cd with glue. Industrious types might want to try drilling holes into cds to create attractive hanging mobiles that hang from ribbons or threads.

suits the creation of cd crafts, especially if you want to try making your very own homemade shiny coaster set. You can also personalize these durable protective table coasters by pasting images over the label of the cd. For instance, an image of the U.S. flag pasted into the center of the coaster would suit a party celebrating Independence Day.

Used cds also make great candleholders. Glue a candle onto the shiny side of a CD. Surround it with a wreath made of fake or real flowers or branches. You can also decorate the CD surface by securing beads to it with glue.

The reason that candle cd crafts are so pretty is that the shiny surface acts as a mirror that doubly reflects the glow of the candle.

A fun cd craft for kids is to create a model of the ringed planet Saturn. All you have to do is paint a Styrofoam ball in the colors of Saturn, cut it in half with a knife and then sandwich the cd between the two halves of the Styrofoam ball.

Whether you are looking for cd crafts to entertain your kids or simply looking for a way to recycle used discs, the Internet is a great source of inspiration for ideas.

A quick surf on the net, using cd crafts as your keyword will turn up hundreds of ideas for all kinds of projects -- from how to make puppets out of cds to making a gleaming geometric art work. .

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