Try These Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Pipe cleaner crafts are especially popular with children aged seven and up.

As pipe cleaners are a bit sharp and pointy and cutting them often involves using a sharp instrument such a fingernail clippers or wire clippers, pipe cleaner crafts are not recommended for young children.

Still these fur-covered wires can really spark the imagination of a child as you can make just about figure imaginable including animals, people and flowers.

There are some basic terms that are of use to know when it comes to creating pipe cleaner crafts:

  • Clipping means to cut the pipe cleaner to a desired length.

  • Twisting means taking two pipe cleaners and wrapping their ends around each other.

  • Tucking means that you are supposed to tuck one section of pipe cleaner into a coiled up pipe cleaner.

  • Bundling means wrapping a pipe cleaner around a pencil and then overlapping the coils to form a compact ball.

  • Coiling means to wrap a pipe cleaner evenly around a pencil to form a slinky like shape.

To make the basic body for a human, duckling or other creature, bundle a double a pipe cleaner around a pencil to make the body. Bundle another pipe cleaner to make a head. Then thread other pipe cleaners through the body to make feet and or arms. Wiggly eyes which can be purchased from a craft store along with the pipe cleaners make this kind of pipe cleaner craft more humorous and realistic.

pipe cleaner crafts for kids Making pipe cleaner snowflakes is also a popular pipe cleaner craft. To make snowflakes buy a few jumbo packets of white pipe cleaners from a craft store. Make sure that each pipe cleaner is about 12 inches long. Cut them all in half to double the volume. Hold a bunch of ten 6-inch pipe cleaners together so they are all the same length and take an extra one and wrap it around the center of the bunch/ Bend each pipe cleaner outwards, and before your eyes you have created a giant snowflake. You can hang these snowflake pipe cleaner crafts from the branches of an evergreen using clear thread or using one of the pipe cleaners as a hook.

Making a candy cane pipe-cleaner craft is also very easy. Simply bundle red and white pipe cleaners together and twist them to create a decoration. The longer and thicker your bundle of pipe cleaners is, the larger and more impressive your candy cane will be.

Another common pipe-cleaner craft involves using pipe cleaners as the stems of flower buds that are created from brightly painted yogurt cups and egg carton cup bottoms. Pipe cleaners can also be twisted to look like daisies, chrysanthemums and other flowers.

pipe cleaner arts and crafts

There is no shortage of inspiration for pipe cleaner crafts on the Internet. But maybe all you need is our free newsletter, Arts And Crafts Secrets, has all kinds of craft ideas!

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