Why Kids Love Dr Seuss Crafts

Dr Seuss crafts and activities are based on the popular children's character's various individual books.

Perhaps the simplest of Dr. Seuss crafts is to make a Dr. Seuss hat by simply painting a paper bag with white and red stripes. Yarn can be used to make sure that the hat sits tight on the child's head and doesn't slip over his or her eyes. This kind of hat relates to one of the most famous of the Dr. Seuss books - The Cat in the Hat.

A more complicated Dr. Seuss hat is constructed out of a paper plate and strips of red and white construction paper. The construction paper is taped together to form the body of the hat and a paper plate is used to cap off the top of the hat.

dr seuss crafts

Parents or grandparents might also want to consider creating their own Dr Seuss crafts that kids can wear such as red and white striped stockings or a Dr. Suess hat. If you type in Dr. Seuss Hat knitting pattern into a popular search engine such as Google, Overture or Yahoo you are sure to find all kinds of Dr. Seuss related clothing that can knitted for children.

The book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish inspires Dr. Seuss crafts such as fish art and fish shapes. To make fish art, trying pouring blue tinted corn syrup onto a piece of construction paper that has been cut into the shape of a fish bowl. Fish shapes can be cut out of magazines or traced out of construction paper.

A Dr Suess craft idea that suits the book Green Eggs and Ham involves dying raw eggs green. Later the eggs can be broken into a skillet and served as scramble eggs.

I found some very useful dr. suess craft supplies like pencils and pens and bookmarks which you can be creative with.

The general term Dr Seuss crafts also includes a description of a cross-stitch that is named after the author. The Dr. Seuss stitch is a kind of cross stitch that is done with what is called an Assissi stitch, which is basically a cross stitch that is turned inside out. When we say "inside out," we mean that the stitches are the same but the design rules are completely reversed.

Unlike traditional cross stitch, the outlining in Assisi work is done first and then the background is filled with cross stitch.

In traditional Assisi work, the outlines are always worked before the cross stitching using a particular type of backstitch called Holbein or double running stitch. The reason Holbein stitch is used instead of ordinary backstitch is because it's reversible (the stitching looks the same on the back as it does on the front).

The even weave or aida inside the outline is left unstitched or "voided." This gives the motifs the look of a modern stencil type pattern. This very contemporary look that is typical of Dr. Seuss crafts stitching.

dr. seuss crafts Good reference sites for finding information and instructions about Dr Seuss Crafts are:

Dr Seuss crafts

Sources of inspiration for dr suess craft projects can be found at:


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