SpongeBob Crafts For Your Children To Enjoy!

SpongeBob crafts are really exciting for children because they just love SpongeBob. If you aren't in the know, SpongeBob Square Pants is a cartoon that many children enjoy, in fact its also one that some adults are known to watch with a smile on their face too. Because of the fact many children enjoy this brilliant and interesting cartoon SpongeBob also offers parents a great alternative to watching television by having fun making crafts with their children.

Today we are going to show you just how to make SpongeBob crafts with simple tools and instructions so you can use this in playtime with the children to make their very own SpongeBob Square Pants. With this SpongeBob craft your children are sure to become the envy of all their friends as they have their own artistic and professional looking SpongeBob made with their very own hands.

SpongeBob Crafts

What you will need:

  • A Yellow Sponge
  • Card
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Coloured Pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Making your SpongeBob Crafts in three easy steps

Step 1: Making your SpongeBob body parts

Draw and color in SpongeBob's eyes, mouth, hands, clothing (white shirt with red tie and brown shorts) and shoes (with socks) in separate places on your card then cut them out.

Step 2: Make a sponge into a SpongeBob

Take your yellow sponge and make a slit on either side with your scissors about half way down then make two slits at one end equal distance apart.

Take your pipe cleaners and cut two to 15 centimeters in length (6 inches) and fold them in two, put glue on one end of each pipe cleaner and put them in the slits on the side of the sponge.

Take your pipe cleaners again and cut two 10 centimere (4 inch) pipe cleaners, put glue on one end of each and put them in the slits at one end to make SpongeBobs legs.

Finally make a slit in the center of the sponge about a quarter of the way from the top of the sponge (opposite end to the legs). Take a pipe cleaner and cut it to 4 centimeters in length (1.5 inches), put glue on one end and put the pipe cleaner in this new slit for a nose.

Step 3: Putting everything together

Take your card eyes and glue them above the pipe cleaner nose, take your card mouth and glue this under your pipe cleaner nose.

Glue the hands on to the ends of your pipe cleaner arms and your SpongeBob shoes (including socks) onto your pipe cleaner legs.

Now finish off SpongeBob by gluing his white shirts with red tie and brown shorts on to your sponge putting the shorts at the bottom of the sponge above the pipe cleaner legs.

Now your children will have their very own SpongeBob to play with and call their own, after all they made it with their own hands and with a little help from you.

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