2 Yarn Crafts That Everyone Will Enjoy!

These two yarn crafts you'll enjoy I'm sure of it...

Some of the softest and most colorful crafts are made with yarn. They are easy to make and easy to teach. Here are two simple yarn projects:

Yarn Project 1: Yarn Covered Hangers

Are you fed up of your clothes slipping off plastic hangers or being damaged by wire ones? These yarn hangers are just what you need. They are easy and economical to make, look good and hold up well too!

You need for this yarn craft idea:

  1. Two matching wire hangers
  2. Two balls of yarn (same or matching colors)
  3. Scotch tape

What to do:

  • Scotch tape the hangers firmly together at each elbow and in the centre at the joint just below the twisted hook.
  • Hold the hangers firmly between your knees as you work.
  • Tape the ends of each yarn ball right where the hanger hook begins. Place the yarn balls on either side of the hanger.
  • Wind one yarn ball under the hook, bring it over and slip it back through the resulting loop formed to make a knot.
  • Now, make a similar knot with the other yarn ball.
  • Keep making alternative yarn knots until you cover the whole hanger.
  • Finish off with a small tassel or tassels where needed.

Yarn Crafts Project 2: Yarn Octopus

You need

  1. Yarn - 2 different colors
  2. Cotton ball
  3. Glue
  4. Wiggle eyes
  5. Ruler
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue
  8. Felt (optional)

What to do and how to accomplish this yarn project:

  • Cut 24 pieces of yarn of color A. Each piece should be 12" (30 cm) long.
  • Place the yarn pieces down on a flat surface so that they cross each other in the centre and resemble the spokes of a wheel.
  • Now, place a cotton ball in the centre of the yarn wheel, slightly larger than a table tennis ball.
  • Carefully lift all the yarn spokes, bunch them together over the ball and tie firmly with a piece of yarn color B.
  • Take 3 yarn spokes and plait them. Tie the plait end with a piece of yarn color B. Do this with the rest of the spokes, so that you have 8 plaits in all.
  • Glue the two wiggle eyes onto the yarn around the cotton ball.
  • With some yarn or a piece of felt, make a small smiley mouth and glue it on.

Your octopus project is ready. You can hang it on the wall, or gift it to a child.

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