5 Crafts For Seniors and Other Craft Ideas!

Crafts for seniors citizens can be a lot of fun. With these simple steps even senior citizens can get creative and enjoy creating something memorable.

Start by gathering a group of senior citizens who want to take part in an arts and crafts activity. Get all your supplies together and prepare tables with directions for all the participants. If you want to really get them into the activity you should ask them what they would like to make. Some may want to do something that needs a certain skill, or could have experience in knitting, or making scrapbooks. Consider some of the following crafts for seniors:



  1. You will need a pot, soil, and seeds for this craft for seniors. Let them plant whatever item they would like, such as tomatoes or flowers, in the pot. Allow the plant to stay in a general area until summer time when it can be planted outdoors.
  2. They can decorate the pots with paint or add-ons.

Scrap booking: All Kinds Of Crafts For Seniors Can Be Made With Scrapbooking!

Most elderly people have a large collection of photos that they love. Get scrapbook paper in different colors and photo albums. Let them decorate the cover as they want.

Card making: Easy Crafts For Seniors!

  1. You need: cardstock paper, pens, markers, adhesives, photos, rubber stamps, and other decorative items.
  2. They can write notes. These make great gifts that have a real emotional value to them.

No Sew Throws: This Crafts For Seniores Is Always A Winner With The Ladies.

You will need fabric, scissors, and pins. They can cut patterns, or use a kit to help.

Button Necklace:

Get cord and let them run it through some old buttons for a fun and colorful necklaces.

Overall Tips

Other craft for seniors and ideas include ceramics, painting, cooking, or crocheting. You can purchase clay pots for them to paint or other kits that are available at craft stores. They come with detailed instructions that make craft making easier. You can also get great ideas online.

If you have a group of elderly people to work with then give them different things to work on. They can do more complex activities and be a lot more creative. These activities should give them an activity to keep them busy and let them have fun in a healthy environment.

When it comes to senior crafts, other things to keep in mind are that you should refer to books for other ideas that are related to senior citizens. They also enjoy playing games or doing puzzles. They should be doing activities that let them use their skills and stimulate their brain. You should also try these activities before starting it with them just to make sure you will be able to give directions properly. Lastly take your time with them, and let them do everything at their pace. Let them enjoy doing this instead of it being a stressful activity.

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