Summer Craft Ideas!

Summer craft ideas can be a head-scratching time for parents who look for ways to keep kids occupied. These fun craft projects might just be the answer.

Summer Craft Projects and Ideas. Project 1: Tissue Paper Flowers...

  • You need
  • Tissue (crepe) paper
  • Green pipe cleaners (or twist ties)

What to do...

  • Cut out 4-6 pieces of paper, about 8"x10", or any other size you want.
  • Stack the pieces together and fold them like an accordion.
  • Tie a green pipe cleaner (or twist tie) in the centre of the fold.
  • Now, pull each paper separately, upwards - to form the petals of the flower.

Summer Craft Ideas Project 2: Little Log Cabin

Kids will love these summer craft ideas making this cabin and then playing with it. Adults should help in cutting the cardboard and the twigs, and using the hot glue gun.

You need...

  • Small, firm cardboard box (about 9"x12"x9")
  • Cardboard sheet
  • Marking pencil
  • Lots of hot glue
  • Craft knife
  • Many straight twigs
  • Garden shears (to cut the twigs)
  • Optional: Acetate, any small cereal box (for a chimney), tiny pebbles

What to do for project 2...

Pencil the shape of a cabin on the cardboard box. While drawing the cabin make sure that the shorter sides have triangle tops and the longer sides meet the short ends.

  • Use the knife to cut the box along the marked lines.
  • Cut out the doors and windows.
  • Leave one side of the doors hinged to the cabin.

Measure, cut and glue twigs all over the box, with hot glue (liquid glue won't stick well). Don't glue twigs near the door hinges, or they won't swing open well. Glue twigs onto the doors to work as door handles.

Want glass-paned windows? Take small, square pieces of acetate and glue them so that they fit around each window.

For the roof of this cool summer craft idea, cut a rectangle out of the cardboard sheet, an inch bigger than the cabin top. Fold it in half and fix it in place.

  • Fancy a cabin chimney?
  • Cut the small box in half.
  • Cut triangle tops into the two open sides.
  • Glue one side of the box atop the roof; then glue pebbles onto it. Finally, glue twigs onto the roof.

And your fabulous log cabin summer craft idea and project is ready. Have more fun by decorating the inside and adding tiny twig furniture.

Summer Craft Ideas Project 3: Rain forest Liana Vine String

Make your own decorative vine like Liana, which is a woody, rainforest vine.

You need...

  • Long piece of green/brown yarn or string
  • Construction paper (many colours)
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue, tape, or staples

What to do

On a piece of construction paper, draw a leaf with a thick stem and cut it out. Fold the stem in half around the string, and using tape, glue or staples, attach the leaf. Attach more leaves this way.

Now twine the vine around your room.

These summer craft projects will make your summer projects fun and keep everyone happy and busy.

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