Crafty Styles Making Crafts With Denim

If you want to learn a few crafts with denim, you've come to the right place.

Here's more about denim and making crafts out of it...

Denim is tightly woven and the fabric of jeans is not so easy to turn into shreds. So the next time you get bored wearing the same pair of Denim again and again, just don't dump them. You can make wonderful vests out of them. Sounds great, doesn't it? Learn more about crafts with Denim. It will come handy not only in saving a few bucks, but also provide you with loads of attitude.

How to get the best out of the crafts with Denim
Recycled Denim need one pair of Old jeans, Vest pattern, Straight pins, Scissors, Cluny lace (flat, not gathered), Small heart-shaped chip wood box, Tacky Glue, Heavy Weight Sewing machine and embellishments (if necessary).

crafts with denim

After you have collected the stuff, split out the trouser into two halves. Place them on a cutting surface and pin the vest pattern on them. The next step is to assemble the vest with crisscross stitch up. Having done that you can put as many adornments as you want.

Denim Pocket Purses are some stunning specimens of crafts with denim. For this creation you need some gorgeous lace, tiny silk flowers, ribbon, string of beads and a hot glue gun. Slice out the pockets of your jeans and adorn them with lace and ribbons. Fasten the flowers anywhere pleasing your eyes and a string of beads within the pocket. Flaunt your creation!

Crafts with denims are money- savers!!!
If you are keen on doing something original for home accessories and save money at the same time, crafts with denim are for you!

A blue jeans journal will require Blue Jeans, Belt, Tacky glue, Clothes Pegs /Clamps, Photo Album/Journal and Fabric Label.

Lay the album you have elected on the leg of the jeans. Incise the denim so that it covers the entire external surface of the album. Note that the seam of the leg falls on the center.

Use tacky glue to support the denim and until it dries off, protect it with clamps.

Place the album at the back of the jeans. The album must be open, with right side of it to wrong side of denim.

Mark along the contours and cut out an inch more than the marked one. After you're done with the cutting, glue them at both the sides.

Fold the extra denim into the inside covers.

Add a red ribbon on its edges. Insert the belt (a small one is good) through the loops and cut out the surplus belt.

Now when you are finished with making of such a craft with denim, beautify with things as your fancy wishes.


Some more ideas for crafts with denim

You can make purses, quilts, pillow, aprons, Blue Jean 'Pocket' Book Craft, Jean's Leg Purse and even bags.

A Denim Patch Sweatshirt and Fathers day card are some interesting creations to undertake. On a white sweatshirt stitch different sized denims pieces. You can use crisscross stitches.

The fringes will go on increasing with each wash you give. It looks fabulous! Ideas are endless, and so crafts of denim have no limits!

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