Tasty Apple Crafts And Ideas

Dolls have been favorite playthings for a long, long time. But apple crafts

can bring you the scope of making your own little dolls using as simple item as an apple (more apple arts and craft ideas are below).

How to get started…

  • Peel an apple in a circular region around the stem.

  • Then cut out the facial features neatly.

  • Soak the apple in a basin of lemon juice for an hour. Next, hang it for drying (it may take about one month).

Now, for the body of the doll, cut-pipe cleaners will be required…

  • Bend one pipe into a circle and attach to it four pipes as hands and legs.

  • For the neck, a 2.5 cm pipe will do well.

  • For the cushion like body of the doll, 2.5 cm wide fabric strips will do the wonder.

  • Wrap the whole body with the fabric, leaving the neck.

  • If the apple is dry, insert it into the body. Add wool/cotton as hair. Your doll is ready to be played with.

Terra Cotta Pot Apple Container, an artistic way of gifting

Apple Crafts can become amazing designs in the hands of artists. A Terra Cotta Pot Apple Container is a grand gift and also a useful item.

  • Paint a terracotta pot in crimson dip. Let it dry.

  • Paint a terracotta saucer (to be placed on the top of the pot) with the same tint.

  • Then, paint a tiny black square (resembling a chalkboard) on the face of the pot.

  • Glue two leaves on the center of the bottom the saucer. Add a ribbon bow on top of the leaves.

  • Then paint figures or names or whatever designs you have on your mind on the chalkboard.

  • Then stuff the container with things like paper clips, candies, push pins and small erasers. You are done!

Small projects of Apple Crafts

Apple Votives floating on water as dancing lights will dazzle your dinner party. Moreover it is the sign of autumn.

For these little wonders, check whether they can float. To find out if they float…

  • Fill the pot, which is to host these votives.

  • Put a dot the surface that floats up above the water.

  • Now place a tea candle on the spot you have marked.

  • Take out the candle and dig out the area where the candle was placed. The scoop must be as cavernous as the candle.

  • Fill the hole with lemon juice to keep it from turning brown. Now it's time to fit into the candle in the hole made.

  • Light up your celebration!

An apple wreath is sure to delight your beloved

Double each apple slice in half, and then into quarters and thread the apples slices onto the wire. Keep on stuffing the wire until it's done. Then when you are done, join the ends together with pliers. Make it into any shape and hang with a fantastic ribbon.

An Apple Lunch Bag is a nice decoration for your home

  • Make this Apple Craft by painting a lunch bag red.

  • Let it dry.

  • Stuff the bag with newspapers to get into a shape of an apple.

  • Tie up the mouth of the bag together with a rubber band.

  • Make two leaves out of a green construction paper.

  • Paste them at the top.

I hope these apple craft ideas where helpful. And with fantastic ideas brimming in your mind you can make your own little Apple Crafts.

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