Discover How To Construct A Hand Puppet

Get ready for the show and learn How to construct a hand puppet!

Even if a puppet show doesn't seem a serious business, the making of a hand puppet surely does!
Puppets can be two types:
-Animal puppet
-Human puppet.

How to construct a hand puppet Part 1...

For animal puppets you can use fur and for human puppets felt or cloth are the good choice. The making of a puppet includes several steps, which must be followed seriously.
Get hold of a cardboard first, and then put down the shape of the puppet you want to make with a pencil. Sketch the neck, body prominently. Draw out the hands and the legs. You can still point them upwards or downwards as you like.

How to construct a hand puppet Part 2...

You have to ensure enough space in the underarms so that the wearer can insert his thumb in one and the little finger into the other. The head also should be posing to allow other fingers to move into it. Depict a line on the sides of the shape so that the length of the puppet does not exceed the length of the wearer's hand from the fingertips to the elbow. Keep about half an inch extra along the contours of the puppet for the seams. Cut along this outline.

How to construct a hand puppet Part 3...

Next, place the cardboard on the wrong side of the cloth or the fur. Then pin it properly and cut the cloth according to the shape. Unpin the stiff board and cut another similar piece of cloth. Do whatever surplus decorations you want before stitching these two pieces of clothes together. Then, with the help of adhesive, paste the puppet's eyes, lips, buttons or anything that suits your fancy. Make sure that the stitching does not enclose within it any important decoration.

With the blunt end of the pencil, push into the ear portions of the puppet.

How to construct a hand puppet, some useful tips to make it easier

It's easy if you fold the piece of the cloth into two halves and then lay out one half of the pattern. Then cut out the pattern: both the halves will be symmetrical to each other. You can use flesh colored cloth for the exposed parts of the puppet; the face, hands etc. The hands and the head should be compatible in size.

It's fun if you know how to construct a hand puppet

It's really fun to make a hand puppet.

How to construct a hand puppet...a sock puppet!!!

Sock Puppets are some specimens of hand puppets. Slip a sock into your hand so that the sock's heel area is in the backside of your hand area. The fingers would be in the toe area. Give a face to the puppet by cutting a split amidst the thumb and your fingers. Cut oval of five inches long and another three inches across. Make them two, one of cloth and another semi-rigid material. Paste the two oval pieces together with white gum. The following step would be to fold the unified oval in half and sew in the sock.

Now your puppet is ready to dance to your tunes. Embellish with necessary features and yes, it's show time!

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