New Mothers Day Crafts You'll Enjoy!

When it comes to mothers day crafts all it takes is a little ingenuity and

imagination to create a creative gift that she will cherish for months, or even years to come.

Keep in mind that Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of every May, so your mother's day crafts should be planned well in advance, especially if the project involves sewing.

Traditional mothers day crafts include projects created out of beads, embroidered pillowcases, napkins or pillows or wreaths created out of fresh flowers or heart shaped candies.

A mothers day craft that is quite easy to make your mother a homemade necklace using cord and beads strung at a craft store. You can also make your own beads by baking certain kinds of clay or dough in the oven. mother's day crafts

Embroidering your mother's initials or a traditional phrase such as "Mother Knows Best" on a tablecloth or pillowcase is another mothers day craft taht will celebrate this most special woman in your life.

One very special mothers day craft that is especially suited for moms who are into garden is called A Sit-Upon. These are comfortable pieces of cloth that your mother can use to kneel upon while digging into the soil. Here's how to make your own Sit-Upon...

  • Cut a piece of flannel or part of an old blanket into a yard by yard square.

  • Cut a similar square out of an old white plastic tablecloth.

  • Sew the two pieces together and trim the edges.

  • On the plastic side of the tablecloth write a loving message to your mother who will secretly bless you every time she lays her Sit-Upon on the ground while she is gardening. She will love this mothers day craft.

Wreathes are also easy-to-make mother's day crafts. All this involves is visiting your local craft store or Wal-Mart to pick up some round or heart shaped Styrofoam backing. This foam backing will act as the armature for your mother's day floral craft. You then have the option of pinning real or fake flowers (preferably your mother's favorite blooms!) to the armature until no white part of the foam armature is left exposed. This kind of wreathe can also be decorated with bows and ribbons.

You can also buy heart shaped armatures at Wal-Mart and other craft outlets that are made out of twisted ropes of rapevines. These grapevines make a very attractive spine to which you can attach blooms with tiny bits of wire.

A nice touch is to buy a foot of broad shiny ribbon and write "I love you Mom" or "Mom of the Year" and fix it across the wreath like a banner. This is a great mothers day craft.

There are several kinds of mothers day crafts for children, but one of the most pleasing and educational is flower coloring with food dye. All you do is...

  • Take a flower (a white flower produces the most dramatic results)

  • Cut off the end of the stems

  • Immerse the bottom of the stem in a jar of food coloring.

  • Over the course of day, the flowers will soak up the food coloring and tint the petals the color of the food dye.

mothers day crafts

Homemade bookmarks and cards, colored with silver and gold markers, make great mother's day crafts for kids.

Photographs of the kids, pasted on the front of the homemade card personalize this homemade and heartfelt gift. Glue, glitter, crayons, markers, scissors, construction paper and a little imagination is all that is needed to create unique mother's day crafts.

mothers day crafts The Internet is also a great source of ideas for crafts. Typing in the keywords 'mothers day crafts' or mother's day crafts for kids will turn up instructions for hundreds of sewing, clay and artistic projects that are sure to please mom on her special day.

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