Instant Wedding Crafts For Your Upcoming Shower And Wedding!

wedding craft ideas

Making your own wedding crafts is a perfect expression of your admiration and

respect for the bride and groom.

The most welcome gifts and party favors are those that are homemade.

There are literally thousands of ideas for your wedding project. Crafts like napkin holders for the place setting to beaded jewelry for the bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid jewelry, hairpieces and wristbands are the most popular types of wedding crafts. As most weddings are thumbed to a color or two it is best to consult with the bride before you create gifts for any of the grooms or bridesmaids. Velvet ribbons with faux or real flowers attached make great wristbands for bridesmaids.

It is also very easy to attach a selection of appropriately colored crystals or beads to a hair fastener to make a pretty hair ornament for the bridesmaids. Crystal beads can also be used to make pony tail holders, chokers or delicate ankle bracelets. These type of little gifts also make great party favors for the guests to take home after the wedding.

wedding crafts One of the most traditional wedding crafts is the homemade party favor bag. The cheapest and most attractive bag you can make is simply created from a square piece of tulle (once again the color of this tulle bag should be the choice of the bride) that is filled with goodies and bundled up with a bright piece of satin ribbon.

floral wedding wreath

A classic wedding craft is the floral wreath. All this involves is visiting your local craft store or Walmart to pick up round or heart shaped foam backing. This foam backing will act as the armature for your wedding floral craft. You then have the option of pinning real or fake flowers (the color and type of flower should be suggested by the bride) to the foam armature. This kind of wreathe can also be decorated with bows, ribbons gumdrops and candies.

You can also buy heart shaped armatures at Walmart and other craft outlets that are made out of twisted ropes of grapevines. These grapevines make a very attractive spine to which you can attach blooms and ribbons with tiny bits of wire.

Wreathes don't have to created from flowers. They can also be created from candies. Heart shaped candies or Hershey's kisses can be affixed to a heart shaped backing to create an easy wedding day craft that can also be eaten! Pastel gumdrops can also be used to create an edible wreath or a candle center piece.

Most crafts for weddings have to do with the decorating of the dinner table, the car and the dance hall. Old shoes and tin cans along with colored streamers, ribbons, bows, bells, and colorful balloons can make the car look festive.

Fake plastic wedding rings look great slipped on candles or slipped over a napkin to create a napkin holder.

Another fun alternative is to have glass fish bowls with lit candles and, live goldfish, swimming inside. Afterwards, the bowls and fish can be given as souvenirs to children at the wedding.

Many inexpensive wedding craft supplies can be obtained from dollar stores or discount warehouses that supply all kinds of materials appropriate for wedding crafts.

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