Try These Card Making Ideas!

Card Making Ideas, a way to touch hearts

What makes us human and distinguishable from other living beings is our ability

to express our feelings, our affections and emotions for each other. There are various ways of revealing our sentiments but one of the most commercially successful ways of expression has been through cards. It is one of the surest ways of reaching out to a loved one. Cards are not only beautiful; they are also immortalized with beautiful words! They express the sender's feelings in heart-rending lines of poetry. Hence card making ideas and card making projects have been a booming business over the years where creative writers are given an opportunity to explore their originality in making cards.

Various Card Making Ideas
Man has utilized his creativity in various fields and card making is probably one of them. He has shown how greetings cards can be made innovative and beautiful at the same time. In fact amateurs can even try it in their homes since it is not very difficult to make. One can make scented greeting cards, hand made Christmas stocking card, quilted holiday greeting cards, mulberry paper cards and pastel shaded cards all manually! Here are some of the card making ideas and projects that enthusiasts can engage themselves in.

Card Making through scents
One can first create the card using photographs of sharp images, be it scenaries, or just a flower or a vase. The best way to create an impressionable photograph is by putting the thing you are shooting in front of a pale background, which would highlight the forefront. Now you can either paste or stick the photograph on the card or to create a more smooth effect it can also be scanned and printed. For the scented effect you need to buy some essential oils, to create the fragrance. Rose, lavender or lemon essential oil can be used. You need to put the card in a plastic bag, seal from above and add two drops of the essential oil to it. It only takes 48 hours to bring out the mild fragrance and the card is ready to be sent.

Christmas card making ideas
Christmas is probably one of the busiest times of the year for card manufactures since this season of goodwill and love demands mass scale production of cards for our loved ones. But handmade cards have a more heartfelt effect on the receiver. Christmas card making pojects... All you need is a Green Card stock with Kozo mulberry paper or red handmade mulberry paper and bits of Christmas decoration and brown chalk. Fold the card paper into two, chalk out the Kozo paper on the card and rub with fingers to create an archaic effect. Strategically attach the Kozo paper and a cut out part of the handmade mulberry paper with the sticker in the card. For final decoration the eyelets can be attached to the card. You can also try to make a hand made mulberry paper card using Kozo paper, vellum pictures and gold thread for attachment.

Other Hand made card projects
Other card making projects include the pastel heart card where you can color the hearts drawn in the card with different pastel shades and then paste a separate bright colored heart at the centre. You can also attach or punch daisies to a card to create a cheerful look. More card making ideas for the holidays... For thanksgiving cards, glitters and stars easily available can be used to create a sparkling effect.

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