May I Suggest These Card Making Supplies For Your Project?

Card making supplies: after all, nothing can beat the warmth of a self-made card...

A year is marked by various seasons of celebrations. And to make the celebrations more colorful and warm, greetings cards play a vital role. In the festive season, what can be more endearing and joyous than to exchange pleasantries with the near and dear ones, through beautiful greetings cards? Though readymade greetings are always available, yet it is a special feeling to create a greetings card for a close person and to make him/her feel special, too. Proper assembling of card making supplies, little imagination and a little endeavor - and that can really go on to make a beautiful greetings card.

Card making supplies requirements
Blank card: before obtaining other card making supplies, a good quality card, with at least 250 gsm thickness is to be chosen. Any card with less thickness tends to buckle.

Important accessories: from cutting the edges of the card and punching it, to embossing and gluing - there are several steps. For all these, various accessories are required. You have to choose your requirements according to your work. If you have taken up the mammoth task of sending all your friends and relatives handmade greetings cards then first make a list of all the materials you need for the entire project. Then, make a short visit to your nearest shop and hand over the list and claim a discount. They will be happy to offer you a discount on bulk purchase. Card making supplies will generally include Pens and pencils, craft knives, craft punches, cutting mats and tools, paper trimmer, plasma board, scissors, dies and die-cutting machine, poly bags, wires, ink pads, embossers and even software for printing cards are just some of these accessories.

Some vitally important Card Making Supplies
Glues: there are various types of glues, which cater to various purposes. All these are not necessary, only the required ones are to be chosen. For sticking papers on the cards, glue sticks are used. PVC glues are used to stick beads, flowers and other heavy objects whereas the tulip paint is the correct thing for glitters and finer objects. Double sided tapes, glue dots and sticky pads are also used based on specific requirements.

Paper: mulberry paper (does not break or dissolve, when wet), printed art paper, gingham papers are just some of the common names in the list of card making supplies. Choose what you require and never buy paper in excess of what you require. These decorative papers will loose their color next year.

Embellishments: now that's probably the trickiest part. There are literally, hundreds of ways to embellish the card. You have to decide and chose the product you need based on the design and appeal of your card. Some of the most used ones are accent beads, metal, plastic or glass beads, which are normally used along with the beading wire. Bows, ribbon roses, bridal embellishments, metal shapes or dress up buttons are for those who want to make it gorgeous. Various types of glitters like glitter card, glitter fine, glitter chunky, embossing powder and glitter glue paints are there to add dazzle to the card. With the help of felt, fabric, embroidered embellishments and paper flowers and leaves, aesthetic decorations can be done, too.

Peel-off stickers: at the end of it all, peel off stickers of various shapes, sizes, text and picture can be added to the card to give it a "just for you" feel.

So, why wait? Get your own card making supplies now and create the cards of your choice, for your near and dear ones.

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