Here's How To Paper Mache

Learn how to Paper Mache and create wonders

To invent and to discover has always been the mottos that have driven man in

his life. For instance paper, which was invented in the 2nd century AD in China was one of the biggest inventions of all times and interestingly it was used in a lot of other ways through the centuries before the modern use of it. As bizarre it may sound, the strength of paper was used during the wars conducted by China. In the 18th century an innovative German inventor designed an entire wristwatch made of paper mache and proved its durability. In fact paper hardened with lacquer was used to mould into containers like tea trays and snuff boxes. In 19th century America, it was also used to make boats while Norway till recently boasted of an entire church made of paper mache, that is really one of the gigantic paper mache projects! It is only recently that the use of paper has been reduced to making sheets for writing and print and in making envelopes.

How To Paper Mache: The Versatility of Paper Mache
It is now very clear that paper mache projects are innovative and creative and can be used to make a lot of stuffs. Learning how to paper mache is interesting. And what's alos interesting is that paper mache takes the shape of the container it is laid on. So you are free to create a paper mache of your own choice. Starting from a balloon and a chicken wire a paper mache can be molded into a shape of a cardboard, a teapot, a vase, shoe boxes, and lots more.

How to make a paper Mache
The most important thing in learning how to paper mache is you need to create a paper mache with paper, and it can be easily available in the form of newspapers. Cut or tear newspapers into strips and gradually dip each strip gently into the paper mache paste. Now carefully wrap the wet strip around the container whose shape the paper mache will finally take. Now gradually the entire outer layer of the container should be over lapped with these strips of wet paper till a fat mound is made. You should dry it for at least 24 hours after which another few layers of wet strips needed to be added. A minimum of 3 layers should be sufficient for the paper mache to be ready. Now dismantle the container gently from the paper mache. It is now left to the wild imagination of yours as to what colors you would like to splash on this creation. For the industrial preparation of paper pulp a clay-like mixture of paper with adhesives is also used.

How To Paper Mache: Now unleash your wildest imagination and give shape to your creativity, as you know how to paper mache. Lastly remember to put a coat of varnish or acrylic paint on the paper mache projects to make them last long.

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