Fun Toddler Crafts!

The safest materials to use for creating toddler crafts

are materials found that are found around the house. These include such materials as egg cartons, cardboard, paper, boxes and string.

If you use crayons, paint or glue for creating toddler projects, make sure it is of the non-toxic variety. Crayons and large sheets of paper are also the easiest for toddlers to work with although many also like to work with playdough.

A good recipe for playdough is a lot of flour, a bit of salt and water (enough to make it pliable). A couple of drops of food coloring turn this into colored play dough. You can roll out the dough like clay and shapes using cookie cutters. The results can be baked in the oven like cookies and given away like gifts. The good thing about homemade dough for toddler projects is that the little tykes can swallow this without doing much harm to their intestinal system.

playdough Finger painting is one of the most popular of toddler crafts. All you need is bowls or shallow plates filled wit different colors of water-based paint. The child, who is hopefully wearing old clothes, is then allowed to dip his or her palm print in paint and press it onto a piece of paper. Spreading a piece of plastic on the floor and table areas is also recommended whenever you are dealing with these kinds of toddler crafts.

Among the most popular of toddler easter crafts is the handprint daisy. This consists of a number of children placing their palm prints onto a large piece of paper in a circular fashion so the end result resembles the petals of a large flower.

Another version of this toddler craft project is to allow the toddlers to place their handprint on a large piece of construction paper. These multi-colored handprints are then cut out and placed in a circle around a pie plate to create a daisy.

A super fun toddler craft involves having them draw in crayon on a piece of paper and then painting over the crayons with black paint to create a luminescent effect. This kind of craft project really suits the holiday of Halloween.

toddler crafts A fun toddler craft project to celebrate the 4th of July is to have them make patterns on colored construction paper with a non-toxic glue such as Elmer's safety glue and then sprinkle different colors of glitter onto the glue to create glittering fireworks.

This project is sure to delight any pre-schooler as little children just love the look of glitter.

Egg cartons are also perfect for creating toddler crafts. At Easter, small balls of cotton fluff can be placed inside egg cartoons to represent a newly hatched nest of Easter chicks. The cups of egg cartons can be cut out, painted and then attached to pipe cleaners to make a bouquet of "toddler tulips."

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