Selling Crafts Online - Secrets Revealed!

Selling crafts online as a part time or full time business is a wonderful idea, and it can be very rewarding.

The problem and the opportunity: 99.9% of crafter's don't know how to sell crafts online.

But that also means there is tremendous opportunity to start selling your crafts online, having fun doing it, and making a nice income.

There are many ways to sell crafts online, but when it comes to the most important first steps in the process start here: selling crafts online:

  • Build a cafts website
  • Sell your crafts on

Lets cover how to build or have a website built so you can sell your crafts online starting today...

The first option is to hire a webmaster to build a craft selling website for you. But the problem here is that most webmaster are expensive, and they build sites that look good but don't get traffic.

Traffic is the key to selling crafts online.Without traffic you won't sell anything.

So how do you get traffic?

You have to build a website that is optimized so that the major search engines understand what your site is about and rank each page according to what each page is about.

Don't let this intimidate you because I am going to show you an easy to way to accomplish this without knowing anything about the technicalities of building a website! And it's going to be fun.

So the goal for your website is to create content on a specific craft that you want to sell. For example, if you want to sell your handmade beading crafts and one of the ones you created are made from Sea Opal Glass. A type of glass bead:

Create one page on Glass Beads (a tier one page: don't worry about that right now though). This page will discuss glass beads in general. Write an interesting article about glass beads: how they are used, different types, history, etc. and include a few pictures.

Now, on this page you will not sell anything. You will link to another page from the glass beads page to a page specifically on Sea Opal glass. This is where you write information about your Sea Opal glass bead crafts or craft and sell it.

This is how to sell crafts online. By building a quality content driven site that the search engines love, gets traffic, and makes you money.

This selling crafts online strategy is not a fast road to riches like a lot of scam artists advertise. This is about building a site methodically and making it search engine friendly, gets ranked, and draws more and more traffic every month, and every year. It takes time you will enjoy building a real site.

Remember the Tortoise and the Hare story? Well the real way to build a profitable crafts site and sell crafts online is to be the Tortoise. All the Hares fizzle out and don't do anything.

And to make selling crafts online much easier you should do is build your own crafts website using this simple but powerful program. This very website was built using it and every page gets traffic. You can accomplish the same or even better results.

Selling Crafts Online Using Ebay

In addition to building your own site and selling crafts online that way, you can use auction sites like Ebay. The only problem here is that most people are looking for cheap deals so you will have to do an exception job of selling (ad copy) to make money selling crafts on Ebay.

Ebay Selling Tips:

  • Use the name of your website as your username: **** This way you get free advertising for your website from each and every Ebay listing.
  • Use quality video and images (not big images that make the page load slowly) to help you sell your crafts online.
  • Use exceptional salesmanship and testimonials to get people to bid.
  • Before you sell on ebay make sure you have a lot of good feedback. People only want to buy from sellers that have good feedback.

I hope you found the article on how to selling crafts online helpful. For more specific tips please get our free crafts business course.

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