Elmo Crafts!

Elmo Crafts In 3 Easy Steps:

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Elmo is a character that anyone both young and old enjoy, this is because he is such a cute and endearing character.

When it comes to Elmo there is only one issue, you have this wonderful and cute character that helps your children learn but Elmo dolls are extremely expensive so when a child cries out for their own Elmo doll parents cry out at the thought of the cost involved.

Taking all the above into account why not take advantage of the situation and make Elmo crafts so the children have their very own Elmo doll created by their own fair hands?

Felt Elmo Crafts

Lets create a felt Elmo doll, for this you need the following:

  • Two white table tennis balls
  • Black Pen
  • Red Felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step one - Using the felt

Take the red felt and cut out the shape of Elmo using the scissors, this needs to be the body and the head making sure that the material is not thin on the arms, the Elmo shape should be 30 centimeters in height (12 inches). Next take the yellow felt and cut out a round circle.

Take the glue and glue the yellow felt circle on the center of Elmos face.

Step two - The Table Tennis Balls

Take the two table tennis balls and and using the black pen color in a black circle on each table tennis ball. You can now glue the table tennis balls on Elmo's face above the yellow felt circle you glued on for his nose.

Elmo Crafts Step three - Pipe cleaners

Now you have your Elmo you need to make him come to life with pipe cleaners.

Take two pipe cleaners and measure from the center of the back of Elmo to the ends of his hands and cut the two pipe cleaners to this length. Next glue both the pipe cleaners to the back of Elmo's arms and hand to the center of his back, this will now give Elmo the ability to have movement in his arms.

Repeat this same process for Elmo's legs by taking two pipe-cleaners and measuring from his feet to the center of his back and then cutting and gluing them on.

To finish Elmo off so he has movement in his head take one more pipe cleaner and measure fro the center of his back to the top of his head, now double the length and cut the pipe cleaner. Fold the pipe cleaner in half and glue the pipe cleaner to the back of Elmo's back and head.


Now your finished and the kids have their very own Elmo to play with, one that even allows for movement in the arms, legs and head.