Create A Kids Party Theme That Instantly Makes Your Kids Party Fun And Easy To Manage!

Planning a children's party and creating a kids party theme that wins their

imagination can be a little overwhelming... even scary. After all, throwing a great party is something your child will remember for a long lime. On the other hand, if the party bombs they will NEVER forget it.

The easiest way to ensure a successful party is to build it around one central theme.

A kids party theme will allow you to integrate all the different elements of the party, it will point you in the right decorating direction, and it will help you plan your activities. Having a theme is essential.

How to Choose a Theme

Choosing a kids party theme depends on three key factors:

1. The age of the child

2. The child's interests

3. The time of year or reason for the party

The Age of the Child - The age of the children who will attend the party will have a lot to do with the party theme you choose. Blue's Clues might be great for a pack of three year olds, but a seven year old birthday boy would be mortified! By the same token, Harry Potter might serve you well for a group of pre-teens, but a group of kindergarteners just wouldn't get it.

The point... be sure your kids party theme is appropriate for you child's age.

The Child's Interests - What is your child interested in? Some kids love particular sports like gymnastics or soccer, while others have a keen interest in super heros or science. Just about anything that a child is really interested in can be transformed into a great theme for a party.

Book characters, television shows, special hobbies, sports, animals, fantasy stories, heros, historical genres, cartoon characters, etc. all provide excellent theme possibilities.

The Time of Year or Reason For The Party - A halloween party has a built in theme, so a birthday around that time of year might have a Halloween or costume theme. Summer parties are often "pool parties" or outdoor themed parties. Obviously, you wouldn't have an outdoor pool party for Christmas if you live in Canada... it just wouldn't make sense.

The "Best" Way to Choose A Kids Party Theme...

Talk to your child and get them involved in the planning!

Most kids have a pretty good idea of what kind of kids party they want. If you fail to talk it over with your child, you might both be disappointed.

Children often have unrealistic expectations. A lot of kids have a whole scenario layed out in their head -- they've imagined every little part of the party and they expect you to deliver. Talking it out can help you both find a realistic common ground.

Sometimes it also helps to provide a younger child with two or three theme choices and let the child choose his/her own party theme.

Once you've decided on a theme, it becomes fairly easy to plan the party. The invitations, decorations, food, favors, and activities will all be based on your theme. Choose a kids party theme that truly fits your child's personality and you'll be sure to create an awesome party experience for both of you.


Kids party thems are fun and the ideas you can come up with will win their imagination and keep them busy for hours.