Harry Potter Wand Crafts: Make A Harry Potter Wand From Scratch!

Here's how to make a Harry Potter wand for your craft projects.

Harry Potter was the brainchild of J.K Rowling and through the books she created, then the Hollywood film series produced off the back of her great books Harry Potter has become a world wide sensation amongst all ages.

Whether you love Harry, Voldemort, Dumbledore or any other character for that matter the Harry Potter films have something for everyone to enjoy from laughter and fun to engaging story lines and brilliant graphics. But the one thing that can get your kids instantly into the movie or their favorite character is to make a Harry Potter wand crafts. And it's really fun!

For children the Harry Potter series is enchanting and enthralling so why not bring Harry Potter to playtime with some great Harry Potter crafts they can enjoy over and over. Below is one such Harry Potter craft and is a great craft for children to make their very own wand.

How To Make A Harry Potter Wand:

What you need:

  • Stick
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Sand Paper
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Brown Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black Marker Pen

Step 1: Making your Papier-mâché Wand

Take your flour and water and mix them together to make a gloop like mix, this is how you stick your paper together to make Papier-mâché. Once mixed, you can now move on to stage two.

Step 2: Turning your Stick into a Wand

Take your stick, this can be any stick found fallen from a tree as long as it is fairly thick (not too thick) sturdy and good enough to create a Harry Potter wand from.

Now you have your stick you need to wash the stick so it is clean, now take your sand paper and rub the stick down to remove any bark and large knobbly areas, this should leave you with a smooth stick that has a few knobbles here and there.

Now take your paper and papier-mâché mix and start building up the bottom third of your wand with papier-mâché, starting at the bottom really thick and slowly grading down to the stick thickness. Leave your wand to dry.

Step 3: Finishing your Harry Potter Craft

Now your wand is dry you can take your paintbrush and brown paint and paint the whole stick including the papier-mâché so you have a nice brown wooden wand and wait for the paint to dry.

To finish off making the wand perfectly take your black marker pen and make intricate patterns on the papier-mâché end that is the wands handle.

Now you should have an amazing wand that is robust to use so children can play with their wand over and over without fear that it will get damaged. You are sure to be a hit with the kids with this Harry Potter craft.

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