Peter Pan Crafts!

Peter Pan crafts are another wonderful alternative to children's craft projects. And it's perfect when you supplement this project with the actual movie!

Peter Pan was a character created in 1902 by J.M Barrie, his character is a magical one as he is a boy that can fly and will not grow up because he refuses to. So you'd think that Peter Pan crafts would include him in this article, but you would be wrong. Hold your horses though...

It is interesting to note when Peter Pan was created as a character because most of us will fondly remember him more for the Disney film, Walt Disney's Peter Pan from the 1950's or the more recent film Hook in the 1990's.

One of Peter Pans motley crew is a small fairy called Tinker Bell who is mischievous and fun. Tinker Bell crafts has over time become just as huge as the Peter Pan crafts for people who have their favorites from the story so today it is a Tinker Bell craft we have for you.

Peter Pan Crafts - Tinker Bell

What you need:

  • Wooden Peg
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Three Pipe Cleaners
  • Card
  • Net Cloth
  • Black Pen

Peter Pan Crafts Step 1: Dressing your Tinker Bell

Take your card and cut out a trapezium shape, color the card in green then glue the corner of your semi circle to the top of your peg under the sphere part of the peg. Now take the trapezium and wrap it around your peg gluing the top of the trapezium to the peg as you go, you should then be left with a triangle shaped dress on your peg with the two wooden peg parts of the peg showing out of the bottom as legs.

Tinker Bell Crafts Step 2: Making the face

Take your black pen and draw Tinker Bells face on to the spherical top of the peg, now color some card in yellow then cut it and glue it to the top of the head to make hair.

Tinker Bell Crafts Step 3: Adding Wings and Arms

Take your pipe cleaners and make two of them in to wing shapes, cut out your net cloth into the same shapes as your two wings and glue them onto the pipe cleaners. Now glue the wings on to the back of the dress.

To make the arms take one pipe cleaner and cut two 1 in lengths from the pipe cleaner, you can then glue these on to each side of the dress to make arms.

You should not have your very own Tinker Bell crafts that is about the right size for a fairy and is perfect for young children to enjoy and play with while also being fun to create. Your children are sure to enjoy this craft idea.

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