Alice In Wonderland Crafts!

Alice in Wonderland crafts are some of the most fun crafts for kids. Here's why...

Alice in Wonderland is one of those Disney films that has lasted the ages and gone down in history as a special movie for all the family.

I'm sure anyone of any age can remember the first time they saw this magical film, so taking this into account why not use Alice in Wonderland as a basis for playtime by bringing the film to life through Alice in Wonderland crafts for kids.

Now I don't know about you but my favorite Alice in Wonderland character has to be the Cheshire Cat, he is the most remembered of all characters besides Alice herself. In homage to the Cheshire Cat there is an Alice in Wonderland craft solely based on him.

Items for your Cheshire Cat craft

  • Balloon
  • Pin/Needle
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Egg Carton
  • Water
  • Flour
  • Colouring pens
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Card

Step 1: Making the head

Take your balloon and blow it up, tying the end so the balloon does not deflate.

Now take your water and flour and mix into a heavy paste. Take the paste and put it on your paper then place the paper all over the balloon so it is totally covered and wait for it to dry. You should now have a solid paper shell around your balloon, take a pin or needle and put it through the paper shell to pop the balloon inside. You now have a head for your Cheshire Cat.

Step 2: Creating a face

Using your card cut out ear shapes for your Cheshire Cat then color them in and glue them to the top of your papier-mâché Cheshire Cat head.

Take your paper and cut out eyes and a huge mouth then draw and color them in, once complete you can glue these onto the face of your Cheshire Cat.

To create a nose for your cat take your egg carton and cut out a single section for an egg to sit in, color this black and glue this to the center of your Cheshire Cats face.

Step 3: Finishing your Cheshire Cat

Take your pipe cleaners and glue these to the nose to make whiskers for your cat, now finish off by coloring in his face.

Your children should now be excited to find they have their very own Cheshire Cat with these Alice in Wonderland crafts that they created with their own hands. Many children love this Alice in Wonderland craft and it keeps them occupied for hours.