4 Craft Ideas For Kids!

Here are four craft ideas for kids: Share these ideas from your childhood days with your kids, and have fun all over again!

Bottled Hurricane

Hurricane in a bottle? Kids love the thought of it. So, let them whip up a storm, with you lending a helping hand.

You need:

  1. Two soda bottles, large or small
  2. Steel washer with a small hole, that'll fit the bottle mouth
  3. Knife
  4. Electrical tape

Craft Ideas For Kids Bottled Hurricane: What to do

  • Fill three-fourths of a soda bottle with water.
  • Place the washer on the bottle mouth, and wind tape all over and around it. Re-cut opening with knife.
  • Place second bottle upside down, atop the washer. Tape it firmly in place.
  • Flip the bottles so that the water-filled one is on top.
  • Now, holding the lower bottle with one hand and the upper bottle with the other, move the upper bottle quickly in a wide circle, before the water comes down .
  • You will find a hurricane whirling up!

Craft Ideas For Kids: Decorative Ceramic Tiles

You need:

  1. 6"x6" ceramic tile
  2. Four marbles
  3. White glue
  4. Permanent color markers (those that do not smear or wash off)

  • Cover the work surface with a newspaper.
  • Put your name and date on the back of the tile.
  • Using markers, decorate the tiles. Let it dry.
  • Flip tile over and on each corner, glue a marble firmly. Leave them to dry.

Tip: You can use the tiles, without marbles, as decorative tabletops, or wall pieces.

Craft Ideas For Kids: Personalized Bookmarks

You need:

  1. Poster board or card stock - any color
  2. Markers, stickers, color pencils, paints, crayons
  3. White glue
  4. Clear contact paper
  5. Small photograph, favorite poem, saying (optional)

What to do

  • From the board or stock, cut out the bookmark in the required shape.
  • Decorate the bookmark on one side, using markers, stickers, etc.
  • Ask your kids to write a special message on the other side. They can even stick their photograph or scrawl their favorite song.
  • Cover with contact paper.

Tip: Instead of contact paper, you can also get the bookmarks laminated.

Craft Ideas For Kids: Paper Lantern

Who hasn't had fun making this? Now, your kids will too.

  1. You need
  2. Construction paper
  3. Scissors
  4. White glue or tape
  5. Markers, crayons
  6. Tiny stickers, glitter (optional)

What to do:

  • Take a square piece of construction paper and fold in half.
  • Leaving, about ½"-1" clear space on the open edges, cut in even slashes along the folded side.
  • Unfold the paper and decorate with markers or crayons. Add stickers or glitter.
  • Roll paper lengthwise into a tube, such that the slashes run vertically.
  • Glue or tape the paper edges to form the lantern.
  • Press the lantern gently on the top and bottom to give it a better shape.
  • Cut and glue a piece of paper (8"x1"), to the top inside of your lantern as a handle.

I hope you found these craft ideas for kids fun and helpful. Let us know!

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