Spice Up Your Party With These Halloween Party Games...

Looking for some great Halloween party games for your next party

There are many games, some simple and some requiring more complex preparation and props. Here are some ideas for you. Let's start with the simple games that either requires little or no preparation and material.

Circle Ghost Story - Sit in a circle and choose a person to start. The person starting says a sentence or two. Moving clockwise, each person adds their sentence or two thereby creating a continuous story. The beauty of this is that the story that emerges is always suited to the people playing. For added effect, have some appropriate background music playing. Pin The Wart On The Witch's Nose - A variation of the pin the tail on the donkey game. Of utmost importance is to ensure that your blindfold is effective. Often it is not put on properly and the person can see enough to spoil the game. A large black or dark colored handkerchief or scarf works best. Tie it around the crown, it does not matter that it also covers the face as it will only be on for half a minute or so.

For younger kids, have them walk up 3 or 4 steps to the picture of the witch which is enough to disorient them. The other kids can shout out "warm" or "cold" to help or consider using "creepy" and "cuddly" instead. For older kids, you may have to spin them around 3 times as walking a few steps blindfolded may not be enough. Always have prizes which are known beforehand so that it makes the game interesting and the players want to win.

Halloween Party Games Part 2...

Ghost Boo Boo - All players sit around a circle leaving about a foot of space in between each other. One player starts as "it" or you can call it something more exciting like "grave-keeper". The grave-keeper walks around the outside of the circle lightly tapping or touching each persons head and saying either "ghost" or "boo". If "ghost" is said, everyone remains seated. If "boo" is said, the person whose head was tapped has to stand and chase the grave-keeper around the circle on the outside and try to tag him or her before he or she gets to the empty seat. If the grave-keeper sits down in the empty spot before being tagged, then the chaser becomes the grave-keeper. If tagged before sitting down, the chaser takes his or her seat and the grave-keeper continues. Some rules must apply: no child can be "booed" twice in a row and the grave-keeper must say "boo" within 3 times around the circle or the game gets too boring.

Here's a tag Halloween party game...

Ghosts In My Graveyard, Ghouls Are Over Here - A Halloween version of Marco Polo. Choose someone to become the "grave-keeper" and mark out an area known as the graveyard. Nobody must leave the boundary of the graveyard. If someone does leave the boundary, they are made to stand still without moving making them a likely next target. The grave-keeper is blindfolded, put in the centre of the graveyard and counts to ten aloud and then starts walking around calling out "Ghosts in my graveyard". The other players must audibly answer "Ghouls are over here". The grave-keeper must try to tag one of these ghouls. To make it interesting, you could stipulate no running but moving around silently on tiptoes. Once tagged, the person becomes the new grave-keeper and the old grave-keeper becomes a ghoul. Thereafter, you could have all grave-keepers out of the game until there is only one ghoul left who is declared the winner.

Ghost Busters - The Halloween version of treasure hunt. Little ghosts are hidden either inside or outside the house depending on the lighting situation. These ghosts can be candy ghosts or if you want to limit the sugar intake, use ghosts cut out from paper or cardboard. The one who find the most wins a prize. To make it exciting, the prize could also be hidden with some clues given to help the person find it with or without the help of the other players.

Halloween Party Games Part 3...

Let's move on to some more complex games. These usually require some level of preparation and raw material.

Pumpkin Carving Contest - These are great and can be suited to all ages. For the younger children, consider not doing carving but using colored markers to draw faces on the pumpkins or pumpkin-like gourds. For younger children, the order of the day is to have as many prize categories as you have little children so that everyone wins something. For the older kids and adults that can safely handle sharp knives, have the pumpkins prepared before hand as carving can be quite time consuming. Preparation consists of cutting one end and removing all the mush from the inside. Remember to save the mush for some great pumpkin recipes like soup or roasted pumpkin pieces.

This Halloween party game is a lot of fun for everyone...

Ghastly Guessing - This game involves using bowls of nasty feeling objects to tell a story to blindfolded players. For example if you're telling the story of "Zared the Zombie" who walks the earth even though he is dead, you could make them feel his hair by using a bowl of cold crooked angel hair pasta. Beware that this is only for those aged 7 or 8 and above as younger children get creeped out too easily on this game. For eyes, you could use cold peeled grapes or whole olives. To make it more creepy, you could add some slime which can easily be made using glue, water and borax powder. For hands, fill a latex glove with gelatine and chill until set. Use clean chicken bones or a chicken frame for parts of Zared's skeleton. Do not use raw meat or eggs and ensure that everyone washes their hands afterwards. Have the bowls on display after the game for more laughs!

There are hundreds of Halloween party games and I hope those presented here may have sparked your imagination to create some unique games for your next Halloween party. Always remember to match the game to the ages of the participants for maximum effectiveness.

You should be able to come up with variations of these Halloween party games on your own. Also try this page for more Halloween party games ideas.

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