Adult Halloween Ideas...

Halloween ideas that will spook and scare

your guests! The best Halloween parties are those where the ambience and décor sets the mood for a fun-filled spooky and scary evening. This can begin in the garden itself where the lights can be switched off, and an eerie spell cast by using multiple jack-o-lanterns. The lanterns can be spaced out so that their glow is just enough to stop guests from stumbling as they make their way to the main door.

Halloween Ideas Part 1:

Tree stumps are still the best stands for jack-o-lanterns. They are stable, and can be hollowed to place a scary pumpkin candle holder. To provide variety, the tree stumps should be of different height, and scattered around the garden. They can even be painted in fluorescent colors with scary lettering.

The candle holders should not be made from pumpkins alone. They can be made from apples also, because carved apples look very scary when they dry out. They wrinkle and shrivel around the eyes and mouth to produce an eerie effect. Disfigured pumpkins too produce a similar effect. So, be very careful in selecting pumpkins. Go for pumpkins that can fit in the hollows chiseled in tree stumps. Carve or paint faces on them in such a way that they will glow when the candle light falls on them.

Halloween Ideas Part 2:

Don't forget a scarecrow. Place it in a dark corner of the garden, where

only its silhouette can be seen. Fix a tiny speaker in its mouth, and use it to create sounds like howling winds or growls of wild dogs. A few helium balloons on which faces have been painted using glow paint can be tied around the scarecrow. These can be allowed to sway in the breeze, like decapitated heads.

The inside of the room must have diffused red lighting. The lights should be so fixed that they throw heavy shadows on the walls. The Halloween mood can be heightened by using dishes carved from dried pumpkins and gourds. These can be used to place salad, salt or other dry items. To give these dishes a fierce look use rice grains to make the teeth, and shiny black marbles as eyes.

Halloween Ideas Part 3:

And don't forget the spiders. Nothing is spookier than spiders on the chair. Use black paint to make spiders or buy a score of Halloween spiders from your neighborhood store. Put them in places where they are bound to be noticed, and evoke squeals of horror.

The finishing touch should be your dress and make up. Vampires are still the fashion. Go all out to cover your face with ash or a soft grey color. Darken the areas around your eyes to give them a hollow, sunken look. Increase the contrast by painting your lips with bright red lipstick, and let a streak of tomato sauce create a blood-like dribble effect down your chin. Use hair gel to lubricate your hair, and comb it hard to give it a slick look.

You are now ready for the evening.

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