For nimble free-flow designing: machine embroidery designs…

Embroidering a quilt with machine embroidery designs, or decorating a dress, imagination need not be curbed

by time or dexterity. With machine made embroidery designs anyone can curve lines, position letters or create designs too complex to be done by hand and in much less time. Free-motion machine designing can be easily done using a sewing machine with a darning foot and the feed dog lowered or covered. Machine embroidery designs provide convenience and flexibility and does not cost the earth, as designing can be done just as easily on a simple non-expensive sewing machine, all it takes is a 'rich' imagination.

Free machine embroidery designs: If you can think it, you can "stitch" it
There are a variety of designs that can be created easily using free machine embroidery designs, for instance decorative borders can be made by first making a simple design like taking a letter and turning on its side and then linking several copies together, easily and simply.

A few tools that help the "spools"
Magic Ink Pens: When thread tensions are imperfect and the bobbin thread is visible on top, then these magic ink pens available in a variety of colors can be used to color the threads and mask these imperfections.

machine embroidery designs

Stitch Eraser: Like the magic pens this is a useful tool for emergencies. Much like a small electric razor, it can be used to carefully cut away the bobbin thread on the backside of a bad embroidery job.

Curved Tweezers: A pair of curved tweezers, available at sewing and craft stores, is useful in picking out small pieces of stabilizer, and for grabbing the thread for close trims.

Free Machine embroidery Designs, some tips to make it better and easier
Designs can be made to look more attractive and can be enhanced by following some simple tips, like:
free designs -When using hoops, in order to ensure that it doesn't create marks on delicate fabrics, the outer hoop can be wrapped with foam athletic tape.
-With terry cloth the key to prevent the embroidery from breaking down on washing is to use dry cleaner bags. They are readily available, and do not break down when washed. The bag is cut away on the edges by the needle penetrations from the embroidery.

Free Machine embroidery design, transferring the 'design'
To transfer a design for embroidering onto the fabric, two basic methods that can be used are:
- The Prick and Pounce Method used for Free Embroidery, Gold work, Needle Painting, Modern Jacobean, Traditional Jacobean and White Work etc. Making use of a vellum tracing paper, this method is considered most accurate for transferring intricate and fine lines.
- The Tissue Paper Method is popular for counted thread work such as Black-work, Pulled work and drawn thread and for any embroidery where a permanent line is not wanted.

To sum up, machine embroidery designs create marvelous new opportunities for innovation and creativity in embroidery using simple technology and basic inexpensive know-how. The only limitation in fact is imagination.

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