Easy Christmas Crafts For Adults

Many of us want to get creative without

too much complexity, and these easy Christmas crafts are fun and won't take up too much of your time.Let's get started...

Easy Christmas Crafts Idea #1: Lace Angel

You need:

1. One wooden head bead
2. White or clear pipe cleaners - 6 ½" or longer
3. Wings
4. 2 ½" lace
5. Silver material
6. Star bead or sequin
7. White doll hair
8. Very thin florist wire
9. Needle

What to do:

-Cut about 5" length of hair.
-Put a pipe cleaner through the head bead.
-Place head bead in the centre of the hair, wind top part of pipe cleaner around the hair, leaving 1" of it showing on top of the head.
-Put some hot glue on the point where the pipe cleaner starts winding around the hair. Pull it back slightly into bead hole to fix it.
-Twist the pipe cleaner atop the head into a halo.
-Cut and wind a 4" piece of pipe cleaner around the first pipe cleaner, just below the bead, to make two arms of equal length.
-For the lace skirt, take a 6" piece of lace. Sew the top part of the lace with florist wire. Pull the wire tight to bunch the lace together.
-For the silver skirt, take 5"x5" piece of silver material. Fold in half. Sew the florist's wire along the cut edge of the material and bunch it together.
-Slide the head bead pipe cleaner into the bunched part of the lace skirt. Let out the angel's arms through the lace holes.

-Similarly, slide on the silver skirt and secure with glue.
-Fix wings on the angel's back.
-Attach a star sequin or bead to angel's hand.
-Make a loop with the remaining wire to hang the angel from a branch of the Christmas tree.

Option: Instead of hanging the angel, you can also make her stand on the tree branch by winding the head bead pipe cleaner around it. Click here for other easy Christmas crafts.

Easy Christmas Crafts Idea #2: Glass Crystal Ornaments

You need:

1. Clear glass ornaments with removable tops
2. Crystals
3. Food coloring
4. Tiny sequins, beads, glitter, etc.
5. Clear Seal all-purpose sealant
6. Ornament base (optional)

What to do:

-Place the glass ornament upright.
-Remove metal lid and metal wire.
-Put a few sequins, beads or glitter into the ornament.
-Half-fill the ornament with water. Color with food coloring.
-Add about ¼ teaspoon of crystals. Leave the ornament aside to let crystals expand.
-With a pencil or craft stick, position sequins, etc. for desired look.
-Add more water, crystals, sequins, etc. into the ornament - but leave the top area, where the metal wire will be, empty. Keep aside for ½ hour.
-Use some sealant or rustproof paint on the metal wire ends to prevent rusting or discoloration later. Let dry.
-Top up ornament with sealant.
-Put in the wire and metal top.
-Let dry. Peel off any extra sealant.

Tip: If you want to remake the ornament, hold it under running water to remove crystals, etc., and re-start.

Remember, these easy Christmas crafts don't take long and are inexpensive, so have fun and let your creative juices flow! Happy holidays!

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