How To Prepare For Making Pine Cone Crafts, And Ideas For Making Pine Cone Crafts.

Why making pine cone crafts make your Christmas special...

With the knowledge of pinecone crafts you can make your own Christmas tree and even a circlet. You can also gift pinecone crafts to your friends with a little display of your handiwork. Isn't it a great idea? With a splash of imaginings, your holidays will surely turn out to be time absorbing and entertaining too! Pinecones make an excellent way of creating Christmas tree and garland. You can add a little spray and glitter to bring the dazzling effect. Or, simply put down the pinecones into a lovely basket to adorn the corner of your room.

making pine cone crafts

Collecting tit bits for pine cone crafts
The nature's item is sure to be abundant. Trace them out in various shapes and sizes. Make a bag full of them and yes, don't forget to buy Styrofoam forms on which, the
Shape of the tree or the wreath will depend upon. Even these are available in craft shops. The other bits and pieces that you need to have before you take up pine cone crafts are thin, flexible wire and thin wooden sticks, a sturdy cement and don't disregard a pair of pliers-type wire cutters.

Making pine cone crafts
The first step is to clean the pine cones (can use a blow dryer). Then for wiring, cut out a wire according to the size of the pinecone. String the wire through the scales so that it gets wrapped up around the center. Entwine the wire and also leave it a few inches for barbing the Styrofoam in it. Remember a wooden stick at the back of the cone in case you are using a large cone. Now drape the wire around the stick and pierce the Styrofoam with the stick. Having done these it's the time to place all the pine cones on the Styrofoam.

pinecone crafts

A wreath as a wonderful token of Christmas
Pine cone crafts will bring a smile to the lips of your friend. A wreath will simply be an invincible Christmas gift. To make a wreath you have to place the larger cones first. You can insert small cones and even colorful balls in between the larger ones. Dash them with glitters, with nail polishes at the tips of the pine cone. Now, it's time to surprise the recipients.

Pine cone crafts, exhaust your fancy
From miniature Christmas trees (and large ones too!), ornaments to tabletop decorations, pine cone crafts enclose a handful of possibilities. Nevertheless, remember that pine cones have seeds and sap. To avoid trouble place them in about two hundred degrees of temperature for one hour. There are some other wonderful pine cone crafts, which you might make:

- Pine Cone Air Freshener
- Pine Cone Angel
- Pine cone Basket decorations

pine cone angel

A Pine Cone Angel is a cute gift for your child. Just slide a ball into the pointed head of the pinecone. For the wings, use lace at the back of the cone. Add hair pasted with glue, paint the ball as the face of the angel and decorate the body as you wish. The angel is ready to grant you a wish!

So, this year the Christmas is bound to be a special one.

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