Ideas For Acorn Crafts And Christmas

Fascinating, Fun, And Free Acorn Crafts...

Beautiful Acorn crafts are made out of mall nuts called acorns. Acorns when attached to simple objects enhance their beauty and turn them into magnificent decorative pieces.

It's amazing when these small acorn nuts placed artistically to different objects can transform them to fascinating decorative items. Anyone with a little bit of creativity can adorn any simple object like frames or wreathes with these little acorns and enjoy its beauty for a long period. Like the oak itself, acorn crafts last after many autumns have come and gone.

Acorn art and craft projects can be really amazing.

What are acorns?
Acorns are fruits of oak trees. A mature oak tree drops millions of acorns in its lifetime, which are edible and are mainly used for decorative purposes.

acorn crafts

White oaks produce light colored acorns, which are naturally sweet, being much lower in tannins and may be eaten either raw or cooked. Dark colored acorns of red oaks are bitter and are naturally high in tannins and are very irritating if eaten raw.

However, acorn arts and crafts are made out of healthy looking acorns. The caps often get separated from the nuts and both can be picked up to make whole acorns for the crafts. The nuts are cleaned and dried before using them to make various acorn crafts. A few things should be kept in mind while storing acorns; they stay best in baskets. Acorns should not be kept in a sealed plastic bag as they most often still have moisture inside and tend to mold.

Different types of acorn crafts...
Acorns can act as real embellishments. Just experiment. To get best results, sort acorn caps by size and lay out rows before going for any kind of craft.

Cards can be decorated with small acorns. A business card can be made to look beautiful with little pieces of dried flowers, Spanish moss and small acorns pasted to it. Acorns can be glued to the left side of the card and guest's name can be on the right.

Birdhouses can be decorated with just the top of the acorns glued to the roofs. Wreaths can be made into beautiful acorn crafts. A row of acorns can be glued to the wreath, in any fashion either covering around the wreath or centering them accompanied by tiny dried flowers around and in between, or with moss and dried seeds along with a bow and a loop in the back to hang.

A simple wreath purchased for less than a dollar, then turns into a craft beautiful enough to attract anyone. Old frames can be transformed to attractive acorn crafts. Glue acorns around a small picture or photo frame and then spray with a clear sealer or they can be just glued to the corners as accents.

free acorn crafts

Kids can make beautiful acorn art as their craft projects. Paper works, decorative baskets or any simple object with small acorns, threads, wires, pinecones or seedpods can turn into real assets of the house.

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