Discover Decorative Painting

Decorative painting is an art of painting functional and non-functional surfaces

using different mediums, and it is done in different forms: Folk art, stenciling, gold leafing, bronzing, country painting, theorem and graining, trompe l'oeil, faux finishing and the beautiful Norwegian Rosemaling and Russian Zhostovo are all examples....wood, glass, ceramic, fabric, pottery, porcelain or any item can be painted decoratively.

Decorative painting involve systematic methods, therefore contemporary decorative painting is a highly teachable art form. The freehand designs are highly successful and do not require academic training or inherent drawing ability. If you have with creativity, discipline and craftsmanship, this form of painting offers opportunities for artistic self-expression and creative satisfaction. The scope for contemporary work is unlimited. The styles and techniques of the past are incorporated into the trends and materials of the present. decorative painting Painting on tin surfaces is termed as Tole painting. Contemporary paintings are the folk art styles of Sweden, Norway, Germany, Russia, England and Mexico.

Easy to do and supplies are also easy to collect. You will require
· Brush tub
· Stylus (double-ended is best)
· Sandpaper (100- and 150-grit)
· Tack cloth
· Paper towels
· Styrofoam plate or tray
· Wood sealer/finisher
· Pencil or chalk
· Tracing paper

Decorative painting tips
These are the most useful supplies and available at arts and crafts stores. You should opt for high-quality brushes, despite their higher cost. They'll last longer and give superior results. When selecting brushes for a project, choose the sizes that best fit the design areas. And in paints, start with primary

or medium-value colors. Get a few bottles of basic black and white, and the options for mixing colors are endless. A brush tub store brushes at your painting station in addition to rinsing them. For blotting brushes you can use cotton rags as well as paper towels. Freezer paper is a good alternative to a palette or Styrofoam plate for squeezing on paint.

Thus the decorative style of painting is an old and modern art of painting, which includes painting walls, articles, fabric and anything. You can develop your own decorative painting ideas just to pass your time or you can earn well by painting.

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