Fun Christmas Crafts Using Acorns

How to make Christmas Crafts using Acorns
Make cards look unusual, by pasting

acorns and some dry flowers around them. This can be done on the business cards too. After you have done with them, note the difference. How about looking stunning with delicate wreaths flashing these tiny fruits? Buy a grapevine wreath and stick acorns of similar sizes through out. You can insert some seeds or dry flowers in them. Then put it on a ruffian bow and add a loop at the backside for dangling. Your natural ornament is complete.

You can give a new dressing to your old frames. Yes, it's possible to make Christmas Crafts using Acorns out of old frames. With hot glue, acorns are set on the frames. Remember to take out the glass before putting the acorns. When it's dry and neat, put a photo and set the glass back to the frame. And don't store these fruits in a sealed plastic bag; a basket is a better nestle for these tender ones!

Christmas Crafts using Acorns...

There can be no end to a list of craftworks involving acorns since they are so abundant in supply this time of year.

Take home as much as you can collect. Get them cleaned with a moist cloth. Pat them dry and rest back to muse over the stunning Christmas crafts using acorns you are about to create. Build birdhouses and use acorns as studs on its roofs. They look great! This is another tip for making a frame.

Take a broad, wooden casing, as thick as to allow three to four rows of divide up acorn caps on it. The caps will look better on the frame, if they are of similar sizes. Before pasting them arrange the acorns on the frame and have a look. If you are satisfied with the get up, don't hesitate to glue them on the framework. Paste each of them individually by applying glue on the edges of the acorns. Let them dry for an hour.

A woodland menorah is another great example of Christmas Crafts using Acorns. How to make it? Simple. You need a chunky piece of insect-free bark/wood about a foot long, acorns, alum, glue, moss and small twigs for decoration, clay and Hanukkah candles. Soak the acorns in a mixture of alum and water for 2 hours. Then let them dry. Glue the backs of the acorns on the bark/wood. Attach some twigs. Leave some clay underneath each acorn for embracing the candles. Now, how about a candlelit dinner with your Christmas crafts using acorns ?

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