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Decoupage Paper:

Decoupage is derived from the French word Decouper, meaning to cut. In 18th Century craftsmen would decorate furniture with overlapping paper patterns heavily varnished to simulate painting. Modern day Decoupage has its origins in the USA & Canada where pictures are created using a layering technique. Very effective decoupage designs can be formed using gift-wrap or magazine pictures.

Decoupage accessories

The tools required are few scissors, X-Acto knives, razor blades, pencils, paste, glue, varnish, turpentine, lacquer, thinner, oil paints, brushes, sandpaper, and a sheet of glass are about all that are -required. For making shadow box arrangements; beads, sequins, shells, feathers, fans are required.

Decoupage paper around the house?

The paper used for decoupage can be any paper lying around your house. You can use odd wallpaper rolls especially flowery and exotic patterns. Designs from old books magazines, advertising and travel brochures and mail order catalogs are good source of colorful shiny images. Photographs, can add a personal touch to children's bedrooms.

These all are easily available and free, but you can buy paper in different patterns, designs and prices. Decoupage paper sheets are available in various sizes. Decoupage-Papers are suitable for all kinds of paper craft, card making, scrap booking and decoupage work. Decoupage designs feature cats, dogs and other animals, plants, butterflies, flowers and garden designs to name a few.

Art supply stores carry decorative papers for lining boxes, drawers, desks and covering telephone dairies, albums and screens. They also stock gold-foil medallions, corners, frames, leaves, stars, bells, eagles, cupids, and other items for decorating trays, boxes, book covers, picture frames, desk sets and accessories. When cutting the papers tilt the scissors slightly towards right to get beveled edge otherwise you will be left with hard, raw edge showing colors of the under side of the prints.

Now if you have collected enough of decoupage supplies you can start your own project. Select something to decoupage. Get the decoupage paper (you can buy it in any art supply store and they are cheap also.) like any old wrapping paper, greeting card or wallpaper. Cut it and paste it using right color combination and arrangement. Coat the article with varnish or lacquer and it is ready! So gather all the supplies and make wonderful articles to pass your time or to earn money.

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