Decoupage Supplies and Tips

Decoupage supplies: Decoupage is the creative art of assembling, pasting and lacquering paper cutouts for decorating objects. Anyone who can use scissors and glue and have fair sense of composition and color can create decoupage!


You have enough decoupage supplies lying around your house to try decoupage now. You will need to gather a few more supplies.

  • White Glue - Use this as your pasting medium! Paste your pictures down and seal them. You can dilute glue with a bit of water.
  • Popsicle Stick - Used to help smooth out wrinkles, removing excess glue and sticking down picture better.
  • Cotton Swab - Used like a brush to spread glue.
  • Damp Rag - To wipe up excess glue.
  • Craft Knife - Used to cut out pictures.
  • Sealer - You can use your decoupage medium or polyurethane, acrylic spray, etc.
  • The tools required are -few-scissors, X-Acto knives, razor blades, pencils, varnish, turpentine, lacquer, thinner, oil paints, sandpaper, and a sheet of glass.

Decoupage Supplies and sources

Of course, you can buy items made especially for decoupage. They are easily available in any art store that too in affordable prices.Materials can be found in art supply stores, antique shops, bookstores, attics, auctions, garage sales and just about anywhere. Beads, sequins, shells, feathers, fans that can be found in antique and thrift shops are excellent for making shadow box arrangements.

Art supply stores carry all kinds of decoupages supplies like decorative papers for lining boxes, drawers, desks and covering telephone dairies, albums and screens. They also stock gold-foil medallions, corners, frames, leaves, stars, bells, eagles, cupids, and other items for decorating trays, boxes, book covers, picture frames, desk sets and accessories. Tiny floral bouquets found on old Valentine gifts make stunning designs for small articles. Gold border or lace placed on a box, picture or tray will enhance its beauty and give it an elegant and professional touch.


Now you have gathered enough of Decoupage supplies, you can now start decoupage.First, you need to select something to decoupage a picture onto like fabric, furniture, boxes, tables, pots, photos, walls and so on! Then clean it of dust and dirt. Next, collect the pictures to decoupage. The pictures can be collected from magazines, catalogs, or books. Try different combinations of pictures and then paste the best one on the selected item. Cover it with turpentine or varnish coat to simulate painting.

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