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The Red Hat society is the group behind the concept of red hat crafts.

The Red Hat society is a national group of women who are known for wearing purple dresses and very large floppy-brimmed red hats. The elaborate feathers, flowers and other home made ornaments that top their head gear are the actual hat crafts.

Red-hat-crafts is not a brand name. With more than 400,000 members and 20,000 chapters across the U.S., the Red Hat Society is a rapidly-growing group with a pretty simple directive - to gather together fun loving women in their 50s. They tend to be first time grandparents and women whose children have left the nest.

Any woman who feels she's not getting enough time with her girlfriends, whether it be due to a busy schedule, hectic lifestyle, or loss of contact with her usual friends, can join the Red Hat society. After she has joined, she is sure to have at least one thing in common with the other members - her love for creating red hat crafts.

red hat society founding chapter The history of red hats is less than ten years old. Sue Ellen Cooper founded the Red Hat Society in 1997. She is now known as the group's "Exalted Queen Mother." As a unique gift for a friend's 55th birthday, Cooper wrapped up a bright-red vintage fedora and gave her a copy of the poem that begins: "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple with a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me."

Red hat crafts are the art of creating the craziest and gaudiest hat possible to signify your membership in one of the Red Hat Society's many chapters. is a wonderful source for red hat craft supplies and materials including the big red straw and felt fedoras that are boasted by the ladies of this social club.

These fedoras are usually decorated with huge ostrich feathers, origami animals created out of red paper and giant faux hummingbirds and song birds. They are also festooned with big satin ribbons, bunches of red tulle and can sport just about any kind of decoration imaginable as long as it is red.

At you can also buy red hat stickers which can be used to personalize stationary or other personal items. These stickers feature images of red hats sitting on hat stands. Other red hat crafts that can be bought are huge red and purple pom poms and gigantic purple and red ostrich feathers for affixing to a hat or a purple dress.

Industrious red hat members might want to consider purchasing a red hat craft feather duster.

red hat crafts Elegant members of the red craft hat society might want to augment their outfits with a purple and red feathered fan.

At, you can also buy red hat craft kits to make miniature dolls. These soft dolls are of the stuff it and sew it yourself variety and come with instructions for making the purple dress and red hat that is the signature of women who are into red hat crafts.

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