Lion King Crafts!

Try these lion king crafts for some fun and exciting times at home or at school. We all remember Lion King and the wonderful music that accompanied the film; it was a film that bought laughs and tears to many both young and old. For those that do not know Lion King is still a firm favourite among the young and is a top seller out of the Disney film collective, some would say it is even a classic Disney film.

In commemoration of this wonderful film and to give children something to do we have come up with a wonderful Lion King craft. This craft is only for those who have a short period of time to entertain children rather than most crafts that take up a lot of time.

Lion King Crafts

What you need:

  • Yellow Sock
  • 1 Pipe cleaner
  • White or Yellow Card
  • Colouring Pens
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step 1: Making your templates

Take your card and draw a mane, eyes, ears, nose, tail and paws. Now colour in your lion themed body parts and cut them out ready for use on your lion hand puppet.

Step 2: Prepare your hand puppet

Take your yellow sock and put it on your hand, now take a black pen and mark with dots where you want your eyes, nose, ears and mane to be placed.

Step 3: Create your hand puppet

Take your eyes and glue them to the sock where you marked for them to be, now repeat this process for the mane, ears and nose to be placed.

Put the hand puppet on and it should now be taking shape with a great looking face, but you need to add a tail and the paws. The paws should be put on the underside of the puppet so they can be seen but not too close to the face so they look out of place. Find the best place for them and glue them on.

The tail should be put on the back of the puppet and glued on so the tail actually rises away from the sock, not flat onto it. Again look at the puppet on your hand and see where the best position for the tail would be then glue it on.

Finally take your pipe cleaner and cut it into four 1 inch lengths then glue these on to the nose with two each side to make whiskers.

You now have a Lion King hand puppet that the children can enjoy playing with and feel proud that they created it themselves.

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