How to Sell Crafts - Hints for Making A Positive Start

Learning how to sell crafts is just as important as making a craft that has sales potential. If you're passionate about crocheting, card making, sewing, knitting, jewelery making or any number of other crafting pursuits, then selling crafts can be a means to finance your hobby and potentially a serious business proposition. Knowing how to sell crafts means you can get back the money you outlaid on materials, or it can be built up to become a profitable part-time or even full-time business. The key to success is to utilize the opportunities available, whether you prefer to sell online at a craft site, at craft fairs or through your own website.

How To Sell Crafts Part 1: Craft fairs

Selling crafts is one of the most popular options. Not only can you connect with customers, it is an opportunity to gain exposure and build networks with other craft sellers. If you think you would like to take this route, then you need to find a local fair, contact the organizer and book (and most likely pay) to have a stall at the fair. If you are just making a start at selling crafts, then the potential drawbacks of this are the cost of hiring the stall and the need to have ample stock to fill it.

How To Sell Crafts Part 2: Online craft sites

A popular alternative to selling at craft fairs is selling via online craft sites. This is an attractive prospect as it doesn't require the same amount of stock on hand as is needed for a stall at a craft fair. On top of that, the cost of listing on a craft selling site is significantly less than hiring space at a fair. For international sales, US based Etsy is the biggest site, with sites such as DaWanda and Zibbet offering extra exposure. There are also a number of more localized craft sites, such as Folksy in the UK or in Australia; both of which offer a great deal of opportunity and the chance to connect with other makers and sellers.

How To Sell Crafts Part 3: Word of mouth

Chances are, if you are really keen on crafts, then your family and friends know what you're passionate about. Selling or even giving some of your makes to family and friends (with the proviso that they spread the word) is another way that you can generate sales. Sending your mum out in a scarf you crocheted or a brooch you made can be a truly powerful way to market your crafts and spread the word about what you do.

How To Sell Crafts Part 4: Networking

Online networking is a further option for getting the word out there about what you do as a crafter. Using social media such as twitter and blogging can really help you to connect with other crafters and can ensure that you find plenty of people to 'show-off' your wares to. This provides a great opportunity to get feedback on how you are doing, get extra inspiration and motivation and also a means to build a following of crafty types who will buy from you.

Knowing how to sell arts and crafts online gives you a chance to take a hobby you love that step further. From craft fairs to online sales, there is plenty of opportunity out there. With a bit of know-how, you can sell your crafts simply to finance your hobby, or as a way to build a new business.

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