A Festive Holiday Wreath For Thanksgiving

How to make your Thanksgiving Holiday Wreath!

You will need:

1. One wreath
2. One roll of 2" light green burlap mesh ribbon
3. One piece orange fun foam (5"x5")
4. Artificial fall leaves (3 small, 7 medium, 1 large - all color matched)
5. One horse chestnut
6. One piece orange felt (1"x1")
7. One piece red felt (1"x1")
8. Two tiny black wiggle eyes
9. Two bunches of wine colored berries
10. Glue (hot glue & white glue)
11. Scissors

Eight Simple Steps To Your Thanksgiving Holiday Wreath:

1. Making your holiday wreath starts with winding the green burlap ribbon neatly around the wreath. Overlap the ribbon at each turn to avoid any gaps. When the whole wreath is covered, cut the extra ribbon and glue the end in place, out of sight.

2. Cut out a 4 ¼" circular piece of orange foam.

3. Place the foam circle onto the work surface. Now, you need to arrange the leaves on the foam to look like turkey feathers. The leaves should be arranged so that the foam is hidden completely- this is the key to making a good holiday wreath. Arrange the large fall leaf so that its point extends beyond the top of the circle. Place two medium leaves atop the large leaf, without any overlap.

Place three more medium leaves atop the

other two, with the centre leaf overlapping the other two. Top these with the last two medium leaves. Now, place the three small leaves, with the center one overlapping the other two.

Once you have the leaves in place, it's time to glue them to the wreath. Hot glue will give you quick drying; white glue takes a while, but allows better positioning or repositioning of the leaves.

Now, lift each leaf carefully, without disturbing their placement. Put a drop of glue onto the foam where the leaves touch it and then onto each leaf. Press down to fix firmly. Leave the arrangement flat to dry completely.

4. Now that your holiday wreath has the leaves in place, make the turkey's head by gluing the horse chestnut atop the small leaf in the centre of the arrangement. Use hot glue for better adhesion. Next, glue the two eyes on the chestnut.

5. For the beak, cut two small triangles of orange felt. Holding the base together, squeeze a thin line of hot glue and attach to the turkey head. The beak should be kept slightly open.

6. For the turkey's wattle, cut out an oval piece of red felt, keeping one end straight. Hot glue the straight end and place it about ¼" below the beak.

7. Finally, glue the fun foam firmly to the front of the Thanksgiving holiday wreath.

8. The final step for your holiday wreath is to decorate the wreath with berries. Make about 10 small bunches of 3-6 berries each, with the stems still attached. Twist the stems together so that they don't stick out. Insert each bunch evenly around the wreath. Spread the berries apart.

Now you are finished and have your beautiful holiday wreath - congratulations!

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